Jun 17, 2009

Give and Receive!

A new theory says " Survival of the Nicest!" because its kindness that was the quality only th ehuman race understood and thus prospered. Kindness not only makes you happy from within but may also help you live longer. Interesting thought this and heart wrenching too. wwhen was the last time I went out of the way to do an act of kindness? My friend told me that they are doing a very unique exercise at her University. Each student notes down over a period of 10 days all the acts of kindness they performed. INSPIRING! So I made up my mind to make my own list of random acts of kindness ove the next 10 days. So here we are at the other end and I am about to list down below what I consciously did over the next 10 days, the motive and consequences of such actions. Day 1: Picked up my cell and rang a friend to tell her that there's fish on the menue the next day and she's invited for lunch at my place. She loves seafood. Motive of action: A gesture to strengthen our friendship and to give back a little of all her sweetness. Result: Shes overjoyed and feels touched. Day 2: I also call another friend who's Dad loves seafood too and whose mum doesn't know how to cook fish at home. Motive: My friend's mum is extremely kind and helpful. Trying to give back a little of what I get! Result: They love me all the more now. More smiles everywhere. And the satisfaction of having treated loved ones to some goodies. Day 3: My son's masseuse was in need of money. I generally don't entertain the idea of giving away part payments before hand but this time when she asked I actually gave away the entire salary in advance. Motive: To show my apprecition for her loyalty, hard working and meticulous nature. Result: That look of relief in her face and increased faithfulness towards me. Day 4: Designed an entire PPT presentation for my friends college tutorial. Her very first of this term. Motive: To tell her that I will be there for her in times of need. Result: An assured good score like she puts it.(which is true I hope!) And a strengthened bond. Day 5: I again put her entire blogspot in place and spellchecked her 1st post for her. Motive: To help her meet with the crunching deadlines Result: success but over pampering. Her mum's not too happy with my sheltering her so much! Day 6: Took time out and taught an Irani friend's mum some sumptuous Indian recipes. Motive: To serve their taste buds some yummy treats Result: We are all happily hogging away! Day 7: Offerd to host an artist's Solo exhibition at my Art Gallery for free. Motive: To reach out to someone in need of supposrt through his days of dire struggle. Result: He feels obligated. And is extremely thankful. Day 8: Gave away old clothes to the needy. Motive: Social cause Result: Inner satisfaction Day 9: reduced the work load on my cook and let her go earlier home to enjoy her Sunday. Motive: She looked morose and depressed. To give her a break Result: She's actually humming while she works Day 10: I've passed on leads to a colleague so he can take his business ahead. Motive: To help out.Hope that GOD is watching. Result: Felt gratitude in his voice. As I write, I'm enjoying what they call it, ' The Helper's High' I feel more energetic, calmer, greater self-worth than before! I think I should continue with this selfish act called kindness now on!