Oct 28, 2009


Was wracking my brains for an eye-ball grabbing, big bang opening to this new-born blog and ‘Mirëmëngjes’ has done the trick I’m sure. In Indo-European Albania, the new mum wakes her little one with that, meaning ‘good morning!’.
This reminds me of the latest flick that has clicked at the Bollywood Box-Office, ‘Wake Up Sid’.
The story obviously revolves around Happy-go-lucky Sid Mehra (Ranbir K) and his muskmelon life. The movie- maker takes a dig at the ‘NOW’ generation when Sid takes his father Ram Mehra’s(Kher) hard-earned money and stoic presence for granted and is engrossed in having a whirlwind life. Ranbir’s chocolate face is the plus point in making his character believable.
Aisha Banerjee (Konkana) is a hard-working and aspiring writer who has quit her blissful ‘Bong’ life for Mumbai, in search of independence and recognition. Konkana shoulders the complex role with her trademark poise. Tastefully cast in the role, she has successfully made her character a role model.
Heart rending lyrics by Javed Akhtar and the lilting music of ‘Gunjasa hai koi iktara’ by Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy create a romantic background to the sweetly blooming friendship between the kiddish Sid and go-getter Aisha (who is 5 years elder than him).
Sid the Pizza-junky is pub- hopping Mumbai nights away when realities of life start showing up at his door-step. Sid feels jilted when left behind by his best pals who pass with flying colours in the exams. After being admonished by his father for having failed even at taking up their family business, Sid storms out of the house to seek refuge at Aisha’s flat.
It’s a gripping 2nd half with the 1st part having laid the foundations to a sufficiently dynamic eye-opener twist in the tale. What unravels on screen henceforth is a delightful platonic relationship between the two. Sid struggles to self-reliance and has also to learn to be more useful around the house. The transformation is convincingly acted out by Ranbir Kapoor beginning with the ‘oomphatic’ Kashmira Shah coaching him to make the perfect egg Omlette.
The flawless direction & scripting by young director Ayan Mukerji gets this movie the most thumbs-up! No exaggeration and hamming from actors; An original script with simple, fluent and no ruminant story-telling; True-to-life situations that the audience could relate to!
Naivety in the couple’s bonding, the discovery of a career opportunity, the first pay cheque and the metamorphosed Sid that returns home are high points that leave the audience panting for more.
What Sid has woken up to is a sense of responsibility, the value of the opportunities that life has presented him, unlike most who are deprived of such luxuries.
The realization of his love for Aisha has also finds a beautiful simile in the cool first monsoon shower as a changed Sid Mehra rests at the window-sill of his home!He rushes out to embrace life.
Now that’s a good start! What say?

Oct 22, 2009

Machhbus & Maryam

Secularism.To many it may be a subject of discussion and intrigue but I was born and brought up in Mumbai, a cosmopolitan city. So for a fairly large part of my life I never realized that some people did live a life otherwise. Even while being groomed in a convent school,each girl was taught to love and embrace the different cultures, traditions and values each girl brought along with her religion. We'd all merged into one big family, genuinely!

Our lunch break was all about girls flocking together in groups and sharing their lunch 'dabbas'. I can never deny that was the most favorite part of my day at school. I think those habits have just spilled over into the rest of my life. I don't think even after shifting away from Mumbai I have forgotten even one ounce of what the secular life there taught me. It's this multi-cultural background that made life so wonderful. With the current scenario that has enveloped Mumbai, I just hope that the cosmopolitan lifestyle continues and is not forced to die a premature death! I feel blessed that we Indians get tosavor and revel in the variety that we find here in our nation, like nowhere else.

After moving from Mumbai 2 years ago I met 3 Iranian siblings who are pursuing their education here in Pune. And the elder sister, Rose soon became my very good friend. Rose, will  be marrying a Delhite Indian soon and we are all very much excited. Am also proud that yet another Inter-religion marriage will culminate bringing about the confluence of beautiful traditions. Having lived in India for over 5 years now, the fair damsel has become as much Indian at heart as she's Persian and has learnt almost all about our cultures and traditions. She already speaks Hindi, fairly fluently. She has picked up Indian cooking so quickly that she leaves me amazed. And I have enjoyed many a Iranian delicacies at her place. Rose's mum is an excellent cook and now that she's returned back to Iran I miss her terribly.

However to fill in for Momoni's (Rose's mum) absence came Maryam from Kuwait. Respectfully and lovingly addressed as Khalla (aunty), the young lady definitely doesn't look like a mum of 1 adult and 2 teenagers. Fair and lissome she's a vision of kindness and loving warmth. Still sporting the Hijab, unlike most Iranians who have shed it in India, she always keeps herself busy. On my last visit during Diwali, she welcomed me (fully aware that I am a BIG foody) with a Kuwaiti Biryani called Machbus. Of finger-licking goodness,each mouthful of  the saffron coloured, spicy, tomato (Goje in Persian!) flavoured Biryani had some juicy pieces of boneless chicken liberally thrown in. One spoon after another I scooped my plate clean and could have hogged some more.For my weighing scales' sake and out of good table etiquette I controlled my gluttony pangs.

Here's a pic she clicked for my blogpost.

In the wake of the present day political scenario at Mumbai, I can only pray that Mumbai retains its secular flavour always!

Oct 14, 2009

To Heaven or Hell?

People scare you.
People dare you.
People who think,
They know everything.
The experienced,
The seasoned,
They know everything!

She’s been there
And done that.
So she proclaims,
The same stage I will be.
Standing where she’d been,
“You’ll see!”

Scared the day lights out of me.
How could she?
Was that a blessing,
Or a curse?
What she foresaw was adverse!

Is my life leading that way?
The path she walked,
That led her astray?
I wouldn’t want to live that way!

People know how things go?
People see what lies ahead for me?

What am I to believe?
My heart that denies,
I’ll face the same lies,
That she breasted.
Her life was wasted!

What am I to believe?
Her loss of faith,
In a woman’s fate?

People scare you.
People dare you.
People who think,
They know everything.
I say, stop preaching!
Life has its own way of teaching.
What was yours needn’t be mine,
For each there’s a different destiny’s design.
For good or for worse,
Time will tell.
My deeds shall see me
To Heaven or Hell!