Mar 13, 2015

Confessions of the 8th Sin of Fashion

#FAME reads the invitingly classy purple banner.
And is there another better word than that to catch a Fashionista's eye? Its almost as if Fashion and Fame have been two sides of the same coin since forever now. The more fashionable you are, the more eyeballs you grab. That's like given!

Style however is more about how you carry fashion. Style is what YOU make of the fashion trends thrown at you. BUT how do you know whether you are good or bad, IN or OUT? And for the uninitiated, is it possible to learn the HOWs at this stage? For the internet addicts or better called the 'Netaratti', in this case, is there one place where you could get your A-Zs of Style & Fashion spoon-fed to you?  

Take the 'March Ka Mantra' from none other than Karan Johar himself and get in the know, I say. With his tongue in cheek digs at some fashion critics 'Social Media' sent his way, I am ready for the daily dope of Fashion, KJO and his Fashion Brigade are sending my way at the #LakmeSchoolofStyle YouTube channel.

Different people sin differently. We all have vices. We do! But when I say I have committed a Fashion Sin, I feel like I belong to a family. A big and growing world-wide family, tight-knit and close. That when I will look into another fashion sinner's eyes, I know he/she will understand my pain and not judge me. It will not remain a sin anymore. It will be appreciated as a passion.

Like KJo coaxes you to, in one of the cover videos, I am SCULPTing my own identity this way, I prefer to believe!

Thus I found an instant connect with one of the videos at the Lakme School Of Style- India's 1st Fashion Video Mag'. 


Its amusing to see some of India's fashion big-wigs confessing to the deadly sins of fashion, drawing up a vicious 7 in number. I could relate to 4 of the mentioned deadly fashion sins and am guilty of committing them too. The scales may comparatively vary but a sin is a sin! 

To the list of Bag Gluttony and Sale Wrath, I have an 8th Deadly Fashion Sin to confess to ie. Accessory Addiction

And confessing to that by broadcasting it here is not going to change things. I'm sure its only going to intensify in the sheer sadistic pleasure that I get from knowing it uncontrollably possesses me. 

And then like a light at the end of the dark tunnel, I found the 'DIY Accessories for Him & Her' video by Lakmé School Of Style Vloggers Amanda & Mili 

Style is something inherent that one cannot be taught, or so I'd assumed. Here these two have given me a paradigm shift in more than one ways. They make it look so easy! And have firmly re-established my faith in the belief that the more original your ideas of accessorising the more interesting your look will get.

If you could possibly create your own accessories like they did then there's no stopping you from indulging in your 8th deadly fashion sin- Accessory Addiction.

I am as passionate about art as I am about fashion. So to bring a confluence of both my interests I rigged up some handpainted wearable art brooches out of utter scrap.

 On two discs of waste canvas I painted a naughty 'Kanha' and a sultry 'Radha'. Cut out four discs of scrap velvet discs and sewed them together after stuffing them with cotton fillings. Thus making two lovely pillow-like round brooch bases. Quickly plucked out two peacock feathers that were working as a part of a wall-decor till date, stuck them onto the bases and pasted Kanha and Radha, each on one base.

Voila!!! The quickest DIY Art Brooches one could ever make...

The sultry Radha found herself on the lapel of my Denim JumpSuit. Just the dash of colour needed to spruce up the grunge.

 While naughty Kanha is perched atop a suave dude's hat. Gearing up to rock a Saturday night among a bevy of girls, is what I imagine!

#LakmeSchoolofStyle YouTube channel already seems to have taken over my senses. My heads whirring with ideas, all over again. 

Really thankful to BlogAdda for letting me experience this 'oh-so-fashionable' time with KJo and his Fashion Brigade. 

'This post is a part of the #LakmeSchoolOfStyle activity at in association with #Fame'

Mar 9, 2015

Rise Of The Grey Prince- Book 2 The Saga of Agni: Book Review

Rise Of The Grey Prince
Author- Arka Chakrabarti
Publisher-Srishti Publishers & Distributors
My Rating- **1/2
About the Author- Arka is a 27 year old Tax Consultant-cum- Content Writer, who resorted to writing to escape life's monotony. He has also written the first book in the 'The Saga of Agni' series which precedes the book being reviewed here.

The book begins on a slow foot and as the back blurb promises, I await to be drawn into the sublime world of secrets, alongside Agni. As each page is turned I am spotting numerous typographical and grammatical errors. My heart goes out to the author who has passionately told a story. However this book desperately needs a good amount of editing and a thorough spell check all over again.

The storytelling picks up a swift pace as the story progresses and I realise there's a whole lot happening. Agni, the protagonist of the story is on a mission to reveal the real truth behind his father's sacrifice and in turn discovers some dark secrets from his past. Though a quick re-cap of the story from the previous book in the series ' The Secrets of the Dark' has been thoughtfully provided at the very beginning of this book, I still find myself struggling to catch up. 

As Agni fights the daggers from his past, he has by his side two of his most trusted loyals- his Guru Sidak and Vrish, the son of Briksha-the man who played a pivotal role in his escape from death as a child. 

I am great sucker for well chosen names and as the book progresses, numerous characters weave in and out of the story. I again find myself taking mental notes of the various names of people and places. I wish the author had put more thought into it while picking names for them. Or maybe I am missing a point. However that is my main reason for giving a lower rating to this book. Arkansas as a person's name, Gaya as the name of the place he lives at and Athena too in the same breath is kind of confusing. 

A neatly drawn map of the land at the beginning of the book becomes an interesting element in the book. 

Arka Chakrabarti's style of storytelling is smooth and fluent. There are many layers to the story and the author has made a great attempt to tell it all. Probably in a hurry to finish the take the story from one level to the next, I imagine he has restrained from launching into elaborate descriptions. I sorely missed the full and hearty backgrounds to the Colony of Hala, Nisarga, Guardian of Hydespus, Erythrean farmlands, etc. What a beautiful read that would have made. He has left a lot to my imagination. A tad bit too much for my liking.

"Which way is Nisarga?" 
"North" he almost cried with a blood full of mouth.
The monster put his other hand through him and ripped the Captain into two.

The epilogue is riveting and smartly written, leaving great scope for the third book that will complete the trilogy/series but again its not without a few errors.

The author elaborates 'About the fictional land of Gaya', its ages and eras, its languages, its currency, weights and measurements, its time at the end of the book. It would have been brilliant if it was placed at the beginning of the book, following the maps.

The roughly 200 pages long story is a very quick read. You can easily finish the book in a day if you are a voracious reader. Ignore the anomalies and put your thinking hats away. A young mind will enjoy this out and out surreal world that the author has made a very good attempt at constructing and deconstructing before our eyes with his words.