Dec 28, 2010

A memorable birthday!

I added one more year to my life on the 25th of December 2010 while my fellow bloggers added more life to my new year by showering some very beautiful gifts on me. Here they are...

I am one of the voted winning bloggers at Jingle's The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 Award in Short Stories

and for another not- so- easy- to- win

Very thankful to Jingle and all those who voted for me, for making this birthday a very special and memorable one!

Also would love to share with you what my favourite and intelligent bloggers I know, Nanka & Rumya did to heighten the fun in my celebrations. They know just what my world presently rotates around and what can bring the biggest smile on my face! Thanks a ton ..XOXOXO

Please pardon, I haven't provided a glossary to the baby language. I leave you to guessing! ;)
Take care and have a rocking New Year 2011...:D

Dec 22, 2010

Welcome at Christmas
 Welcome at Christmas
Stuffing stockings, jingling bells
Santa and his elves
Santa and his elves
Stuffing stockings, jingling bells
Welcome at Christmas

Christmas time of cheer
Dear Santa goes ho-ho-ho
Sleighing songs can you hear
Sleighing songs can you hear
Dear Santa goes ho-ho-ho
Christmas time of cheer

 This has been written for ABC Wednesday Round 7 : W

Carry On Christmas : Dear Santa

Spreading Smiles

Dec 20, 2010

Self conscious or self confident?

Appraising my self
for dabbling in those risks
Utter stupidity

They see a lean fool
 As I wait for time to tell
Patient and still

This has been written for

Prompt #22: Self

Three Word Wednesday: dabble, lean, utter

Prompt # 147: Stillness

Around the world: Dubai

Decessive asset to merchantilism
Urban innovation and multiculturalism
Behold the fantastic development
Awesome within decade span
Inspiring amazement Arabian land

This has been written for Acrostic Only Prompt # 12

Dec 18, 2010

It was time...

“You think that was Uštāna’s spirit in the black shroud, Dadi Jun?” Laila was thrilled at that thought but she couldn’t deny that she was a bit scared too. She felt safe in the warmth of the closed attic, in the knowing company of her caring grandma and the protective Mithra. “Why should you be scared of him? He is your ancestor my darling and can never mean you any harm”, assured Dorri Jun who was sensing the fright in Laila’s voice. “I am aware you are very little to be exposed to such powerful spirits but that is how your destiny seems to have been written. You seem to be a far greater soul than even I am, Laila and you must never misuse your powers”, reminded Dorri Jun once again.

Simultaneously Laila had been drawing on a clean sheet of paper all the symbols that had mystically fallen before her eyes all through the day. First it had been the Star of David followed by the ‘X’ that had four rounded tips. She wasn’t sure that the Yin and Yang was a symbol to be considered in the sequence but never the less she drew it and pushed the paper towards Dorri Jun for her scrutiny.

Image: Link

Dorri Jun instantly drew The Secret Grimoire of Tuwrel closer. The pages spun like the spirit of Tuwrel had read their minds. What fell before their eyes threw new light on the puzzle of the random symbols. The left hand side page, though stained with age showed a clear and neatly constructed ‘Star of David’ but it was nothing like the simplistic shape Laila had seen formed by the twigs. Here was a much complex diagram of a huge pentagram. The arms looked like linear pathways that wove in and out, without a beginning or an end. Laila put her finger down on one arm and began to follow the shape of the star but was soon lost midway. As they peered closer, Dorri Jun and Laila both realized that there were little ‘X’ marks all over the star. The ‘X’s looked like little ants marching down, in and out, crawling all over the pentagram.

“What can you make of this, Dadi Jun?” asked Laila. “Nothing yet!” Replied Dorri Jun plainly. “Is that all?” she enquired. “No!” said Laila pulling from her Jacket pocket a small leather pouch. “Un chi hai?” exclaimed Dorri Jun as Laila pulled at the drawstrings of the bag. “This is what that stranger had hidden in the pit he’d dug under the Fir tree.” Laila replied pulling out the contents of the pouch.

Image Courtesy: Link

It was a tiny antique hour glass in a wooden frame. “..And I don’t remember very clearly now but I think the stranger in black had not only waved at me but also gestured me to come hither. I was so scared that I’d shut my eyes tight. The next I saw he was digging.” Laila enumerated but Dorri Jun continued to stare at the hour glass for a whole minute until Laila put it down on the Kaalin. “No, don’t do that!” Dorri Jun scolded Laila. “Don’t you realize how valuable this is? You must keep it close to your heart and treasure it, almost like the Grimoire itself.” Dorri Jun tugged at Laila’s sleeves pulling her closer once again. Flipping through the pages of The Secret Grimoire of Tuwrel Dorri Jun showed Laila a page that they had missed, all the while only concentrating on the passages and spells. There was a magnificent illustration representing Uštāna in a black shroud holding the very same hour glass. “Now isn’t it confirmed that the stranger shrouded in black was none other than Uštāna himself? Please look at this hour glass as the baton being passed right into your hands!” Dorri Jun now looked jubilant and excited. “If that hour glass means so much then why didn't Uštāna come over to our house and give it right into my hands, literally?” Laila had asked but no sooner were these words out of her mouth that Laila realized how vain the question was.

The sand in the hour glass was still slowly trickling. Dorri Jun began pottering about the attic, fumbling and searching for something. “Time is running out, Laila. We must be quick. Come give me a hand here!” Dorri Jun had instructed but Laila continued with her volley of questions “Time for what, Dadi Jun?” staring at her grandma in wonderment.

“Dear girl, don’t you want to know what the series of symbols mean? They obviously are a part of bigger sigil. We have to get to the Segulah, dear.” Explained Dorri Jun.
“…And you have a separate book of sigils that you are hunting for, right?” exclaimed Laila, almost convinced that things were clearer to her, now.

“Nah!” retorted Dorri Jun trying to hide her slowly rising temper. She sometimes found Laila to be extremely immature, just when she was about to conclude that her grand-daughter was a very bright girl. “…but I know where the sigil lies. And that it is time for me to take you there. Now will you please lend me a hand, here?” Dorri Jun’s voice was full of scorn enough to get Laila on her feet.

Out came a huge scroll from behind a huge pile of Dorri Jun’s old belongings. Neatly wrapped in a thin muslin cloth, the old lady had kept it safely away. Laila was given charge. She carefully took the scroll out of its cocoon, rolled it out, flattening and spreading it down on the floor. They put their heads together. One was trying to figure things out while the other stared blankly at the ancient map. The book-worms had made a hearty meal of it almost eating up all the important markings.

Bebin Laila, the five arms of the Star of David represent the 5 elements of nature.” Dorri Jun flipped to the diagram again in the Grimoire and pointing at it began to enumerate, “Since the hour glass came out of the earth, we must consider that tip of the Star of David that represents the Earth. Can you see, this tip points to the South-West? The small ‘X’s must be us travelling to where the Star of David points.” Dorri Jun was speaking so fast that there was a catch in her breath.

“Now my dear, do you remember I had once mentioned to you years ago that I will take you to Uštāna’s tomb when the time is right? I think Laila, Uštāna is indicating that it is time!” Laila gasped to hear what Dorri Jun had to say. Her heart began beating like a thousand hammers and as if to confirm that Dorri Jun had hit the bull’s eye, the glow from the Grimoire grew a richer golden. One beam of light magically swam over the room, finally settling like a spot-light on the South-West corner of the map that lay spread out on the ground. “….Be baksh shid Dadi Jun what map is this? This is clearly not a map of our country. Then where does Uštāna's tomb lie, on which land? It is all in Hebrew and I can make neither head nor tail of the indicators. And the beam seems to be pointing to a spot in the middle of nowhere.”

Dorri Jun was much too deep into reading the map to hear any of Laila’s questions. She remained baffled while Dorri Jun made all the calculations.

To be continued....
For those who missed out on the previous stories of the novella, please visit 'The Grimoire'.

This has also been written for Theme Thursday- Map

Dec 17, 2010

The strange appearance

To Laila it seemed to be the chilliest day ever. It was snowing beautifully outside and everything lay under a thick blanket of white. She reminisced how every winter holiday was spent romping in the snow with Khalil and the kids from the neighbourhood but not this year. This year Khalil and all the kids in their batch were preparing for the preliminary examinations that would begin as soon as school re-opened in Jan’. 
Image by Ginsui-Rin
Laila had finished the last few pending chapters from her Science syllabus. She put the books back on the shelves and rose. “A steaming hot mug of ghaveh would be just wonderful!” she thought. Her mother and Dorri Jun were out visiting her uncle and his family. With the whole house to herself she suddenly felt a whole lot more independent. She was relishing the freedom, sipping on the dark brew standing in the kitchen window when she noticed a tall and lanky figure in the distance. Though the snow was almost knee-high outside the figure seemed to be walking with ease. In fact it almost looked like a black speck floating towards her in the mist. There didn’t seem to be a soul outside and Laila’s eyes were fixed on this unfamiliar approaching figure. Shrouded in black it came to a halt near the thicket of Fir trees across the road.

The appearance of such a suspicious looking stranger sent a cold chill down Laila’s spine. She immediately checked whether her phone line was working. The stranger was still standing there in the lee of the tree when she got back to the window. It did nothing but continue to stand there like a pole. And then all of a sudden Laila realized that the figure was facing her own home. “Is it possible that the stranger is staring back at me right now?” thought Laila. Beneath all the layers of woolens, she had begun to shiver inside. And just then the stranger waved out to her. It began digging with bare hands beneath the fir tree that stood closest to the main road. And Laila saw the stranger drop something into the shallow pit that it must have dug up. Pushing the earth back on top to form a small mound, the figure straightened back up once again. Laila tried hard to see if she could get a clear view of the stranger’s face but that was impossible in the mist.

Laila gasped as the figure just disappeared into thin air.

She had not been able to muster enough guts to go dig under the Fir tree and check for what the stranger may have hidden, on her own. Laila completely forgot to mention this incident to Dorri Jun and her mother the next morning. They had arrived very late the previous night, after Laila had dropped off to sleep, tired from all the studies and stress. The new day’s worries added on, sending the memory of the stranger’s appearance to the bottom of the pile. Holidays got over, school resumed and they’d passed that Fir tree a thousand times but Laila had mysteriously forgotten about the pit dug up by the stranger, completely.

Seasons changed and the sun began shining down warm and bright. Exams were over and while they awaited their results, Laila went over to meet Erum and Khalil with a spring in her step. They were having a wonderfully chatty time. That stranger shrouded in black had been completely forgotten until a Halloween poster on Khalil’s PC desktop caught Laila’s eye. Laila gave a shriek and grabbed Khalil’s arm. “It must still be there!” She exclaimed. “What thing?” enquired Erum and Khalil, in unison, as they were very surprised at this odd and sudden deviation in the conversation.

Before they knew it Laila was flying out of the room with Khalil in tow.

To be continued...
For those who missed out on the previous stories of the novella, please visit 'The Grimoire'.

This has been written for the
                                               Tale # 38

Dec 16, 2010

The Signs from the Sigil...

The final academic school year had finally come to a close and Laila was awaiting the examination results. “Is there anything sweeter than waking up to this feeling? Holidays, Hip hip hurray!” Laila rejoiced as she drew the curtains off the window. It was a bright and sunny morning outside and she wasn’t the girl to waste this beautiful freedom in bed. “What must lazy Khalil be doing?” she wondered.

And that suddenly brought another face to her mind, the beautiful Erum. She leaned outside, a tad bit further from her windowsill to see if she could get a glimpse of Erum, standing on her terrace. And yes, there she was! All of Erum’s movements looked like a dance posture to Laila. Just then Erum happened to look her way too and began waving at Laila, gesturing her to come over. “Perfect! There couldn’t have been a more beautiful beginning to the wonderful holidays.” Thought Laila and showed no reluctance in accepting the invitation. Laila wished she could use some magic to get ready in an instant and land up at Erum’s doorstep but that was not to be.

As Laila was closing the window, she happened to peer downwards too and spotted some dry twigs on the parapet below. They’d caught her attention because of the strict order in which they seemed to be lying there. She couldn’t believe whether she was seeing things or they were actually lying there in a perfectly formed ‘Star of David.’ “This is weird!” Laila thought.

The random occurrence of that symbol on her ledge got her thinking. As she got herself to the breakfast table, another thought came to Laila's mind. It had been almost three years since the only episode when she had played a crucial role in solving Erum’s problems as guided by the Spirit of Tuwrel. Though she had been practicing with her little red velvet copy in the attic always, Dorri Jun had not involved her in any of the other cases. She had been a mute spectator when Mohammad, the Geography professor had lost his memory in an accident or even when Old Sakina had taken to bed.  Tuwrel had never summoned her again. All that she had done was either study from the school texts or read along with Dorri Jun from The Secret Grimoire of Tuwrel.  She hadn’t done much to prove that she was ready to graduate into a full-fledged mage. That worried Laila quite a bit.

Laila served herself some scrambled eggs from the saucepan on the table and absent-mindedly played with it, pushing the morsel from one corner of her plate to another with a fork.  She never realised Dorri Jun had come up behind her. Dorri Jun gave her a warm hug. Sobh Be Kheyr! ” she wished Laila and planted a kiss on the top of her head. This brought Laila out of her reverie.

Her mother’s friend and her 9 month toddler had arrived. Laila went over to play with the babe and was once again taken aback.  The little girl had brought two rattles along. The baby was now holding one rattle in each hand and had crossed them over each other. A perfectly shaped ‘X’ had been formed. The head of each rattle and the two small fists holding them together looked like balls or dots at the end of the four arms of the ‘X’. The little girl looked Laila in the eye and gurgled something. Laila was shocked and took two steps backing away from the child.  “Did you see that?” At the sound of Laila’s hysterical voice all the three women ran towards Laila and the cooing babe.

No sooner had they arrived that Laila realized her blunder. She couldn’t possibly tell everybody what she’d just seen.  She apologized and moved away from the scene, pulling Dorri Jun along with her by her elbow.
“Dadi Jun, I am going to meet Erum and Khalil today, over at their home. Do you have any message for me to convey?” Laila asked in a louder than usual tone. Then leaning further closer to Dorri Jun she began relating to her all that she’d been seeing this morning.

 “What signs are these Dadi Jun? Am I imagining things? If not why do you think I am seeing them?” enquired a perturbed Laila.
“Sweetheart, these signs have always existed out there but when they emerge before your eyes in an unnatural manner, it is then that you begin to take notice. Sometimes, they are brushed away as tricks of the eyes but everything happens for a reason, Laila. Everything!” explained Dorri Jun.

“Once you are back I want you to draw them for me, exactly as you’ve seen them.  Till then, Bebin, just keep an eye out for these symbols. Remember their exact form and the sequence in which they appeared. They may all, when put together belong to a greater message, the Segulah.

“Dadi Jun, you think Tuwrel has begun to communicate with me again?” Almost breathless, Laila exclaimed impatiently, “I want you to tell me what my future holds, lotfaen Dadi Jun, lotfaen! Do you see something in the symbols already?”

“Who are we to discuss your future?” Dorri Jun had spoken wisely once again. “And it is much too soon for me to tell you what these symbols may mean. By the end of the day, from what you will relate I shall know whether it is time!”

“It is time for what, Dadi Jun?” Laila knew such probing questions had no effect on her grandma. She stepped out, constantly scanning the earth and the sky like a mad man, for more signs.

Now that the holidays were here Laila knew she was at the threshold of her career like the other children and had some major decisions to make. As she walked across to Erum’s house a question still troubled her mind, “A secret life as ordained by Tuwrel or a public career of fame? Or do I get to enjoy both?” Laila decided that she would definitely beg for an answer with Tuwrel, this evening in the attic.

 She raised the knocker on the door and rapped it twice, as was her habit. Laila was still between her soliloquies, “My future definitely has something very unusual in store, doesn’t it?”  She’d asked herself when like an answer the door was flung open and “ Balleh!” said Rashid pulling the door wide open for Laila to pass in. “Salaam Agha Ye Abdollah! Erum has invited me over today.” She greeted him in her most polite voice. Laila was half-embarrassed at the thought that he may have heard her talking to herself.
 “I know my child, she’d told me. Please come in and don’t be so formal. Where were you all these days?” he had begun the conversation in his same old warm and hospitable manner. The home décor seemed to have completely changed in the house within such a short period but the people were the same. Rashid seemed to be the same. Only that his hair had silvered with age and the wrinkles on his face and arms made him look more like his father from the portrait on the wall, now.

Khalil came running down the steps at the sound of their voices and it looked like he was about to pull Laila into a hug when he checked himself in time. He was grinning from cheek to cheek and it was quite evident from his face that he was extremely happy to be talking to Laila so freely like the good old days.
Laila always felt lost in a full household like theirs where the gents and the ladies were all working and living in absolute harmony. She’d seen Uncle Rashid do the dishes at the kitchen sink while Khalil’s mother would be polishing his shoes. “Azizam, Dorri Jun’s little girl is here.” Rashid had announced “Count her in for lunch.” And his wife began to act upon his instructions almost immediately. 
Wiping her hands on her apron she appeared form behind the curtain that kept the kitchen from full view. She led her towards the stairs up to Erum’s room, “You make yourself comfortable while I make your meal. Would you like to try some of my Khoroshte Fesenjaan today?” She offered.
“Oh! Khalle why do you have to trouble yourself so much? I enjoy your Aash too!” replied Laila politely though she was already drooling. “Ma she loves your Fesenjaan.” Khalil butted in. “So please don’t change the menu. And I would love some Chelo Kebab too.”

Laila was ready to have some fun now but her eyes were still staring at the black and white oriental ceramic plate on display on the mantel at the foot of the stairway. “Does that symbol of the Yin & Yang count too?” Laila wondered, still scanning her surroundings. “Looking for something Laila?” Khalil enquired. Laila almost opened her mouth to say “I am looking for signs from the sigil, Khalil, almost like in a Hardy Boys or a Nancy Drew mystery story!”
Putting a palm quickly to her mouth she pushed all the words that would have spilled out in excitement and let only “Be baksh Shid!” come out of her mouth. Ignoring Khalil’s baffled look, Laila raced up the stairway, two steps at a time.

To be continued...
For those who missed out on the previous stories of the novella, please visit 'The Grimoire'.

The Persian Glossary:

1. Sobh Be Kheyr! ”: Good Morning!
2. Segulah: Hebrew for Sigil
3. lotfaen: Please
4. “ Balleh!”: Yes
5. Salaam Agha Ye Abdollah!: Greetings Mr. Abdollah
6. Azizam: My darling
7. Khoroshte Fesenjaan: Pomegranete and walnut curry
8. Khalle: Aunty
9. Aash: A thick sourish broth made of chick peas, gram and noodles
10. Chelo Kebab: Lamb and rice
11. “Be baksh Shid!”: Excuse Me!
12. Bebin: Look

Dec 15, 2010

Verity: Chasing Dreams

Verity of the Indian Farmer’s life....

Image: Link

Challenged by poverty, struggling
Holding onto hope, dreaming

Anonymous face, ignited mind
Simple soul, destiny's child
In search of success
Not shaken by failure
Great faith in Providence  

Dreams of comfortable life
Rests not, continuous strife
Ever to rise above
All adversities and grow
May he never contemplate
Suicide; dreams must realise

Very noble is that hand
That gives dreams a turf to land

This has been written for the Acrostic Only Prompt # 10
& The ABC Wednesday Round 7

Dec 13, 2010

Raise The Roof

Image Courtesy: Link
Retro, Hip-hop and Trance
All hit the floor
Into the night dance
Super DJ, music soars
Endless screaming, throats sore

Take decibels more higher
Hot stepping, cool grooving
Every heart on fire

Reins broken, foot loose
Out for good reason
Onset of party season
Feisty merrymaking that enthuse

Image Courtesy: Link

This has been written for Acrostic Only Prompt #5

Dec 12, 2010

Materialistic Life

Truthful voice suppressed
Materialistic life
Not waving, drowning

This has been written for Carry On Tuesday # 83
and for
Prompt # 21: Life

Dec 11, 2010


Nothing more to do, Tom was wondering how he could while away his time now. He was feeling exceptionally dull this evening. He'd finished collecting milk from the cows and truffle from the pig sty very quickly. Not many hen had laid eggs today, so he'd finished that soon too.  All the regular rigmarole was over. Co-op farming was beginning to get a bit of a boring chore for him over the last few days. He wanted some change.

Old friends hadn't stopped by in a long while. He wondered why? He'd sent them many gifts to lure them to his farm but no help came. Something was fishy!

Vanity kept him from doing for them what he expected them to do for him.

Eventually a thought occurred to him. Had they all gone away for good? He hadn't checked in on them for a long while now. Should he have called them instead of just wondering why there was no activity at all at their farms? "...but Roger was celebrating that he'd be expanding his farm soon and he was planning his own winery too." Tom kept pondering in confusion. "Harper must have compelled him to quit!"

Lately Farmville was getting exceptionally uninteresting despite all those attractive prizes and festivals and what-nots. The novelty of the game was somehow lost. "I must quit this gaming addiction too." decided Tom.

This has been written for Acrsotic Only Prompt # 13 and for 

Tale# 37

and for

Dec 10, 2010


Mr. Copycat flipped pages of the book
And in a jiffy, said after taking a look
These standards are pretty simple to match
Can pick poetry up like the mice I catch
Have to just go sit by the brook

This has been written for the Acrostic Only Prompt # 8
and for some more
: Flipping

Short Fuse

Smarting words spewed
Hurt sentiments and feelings
Ominous bad blood brewed
Rude and brash dealing
Temper spares no beloved

Fights begin, fly sparks
Uncontrollable anger unleashed around
Stopping impossible tantrum dark
Embers slowly cool, found

This has been written for the Acrostic Only Prompt # 4

Dec 9, 2010

A special bond

After that evening, Erum had become extremely busy. Dorri Jun and Laila dint get to see much of her but she would often send small and big gifts when she was back from an International trip or at Eid. Either Erum's younger brother Khalil or Rashid himself would drop by for Ksheer Korma and would leave behind Erum's packet for Laila. "Why isn't there anything for me?" Dorri Jun poked fun at Rashid.
 " ..Because dear Dorri Jun you are too great for lesser mortals like us to give you anything in return for your kindness. We can only pray for you. Sahha Bahsheh! Sukran Dorri Jun" Rashid always felt indebted to Dorri Jun for all that she'd done for their family, ever since he was a little kid. He could never take her retorts in any other sense. 
"Yahdeekom Allah wa yousleh balakom!" Dorri Jun called out to Rashid wishing him luck as they bade him goodbye.

The evening that Laila had gifted Erum the silken veil became such a turning point in Erum's life that she now considered Laila a God sent personal angel. Erum secretly began to believe that little Laila had greater healing power than Dorri Jun. She could turn lucks around! Erum however never spoke about that evening to anyone. lest the power of the coffee beans and the veil should be hampered. So Erum began keeping a tab on Laila through her younger brother Khalil.  

Khalil and Laila rode to school together in the same school bus and studied in the same class. They had always been the thickest of friends since childhood. So it was very easy for Erum to catch up on Laila's life through him. Little did she know that Laila had sensed that but since Laila had also grown fond of Erum, she dint mind. Laila never used any of her magical powers or knowledge from The Secret Grimoire of Tuwrel for influence in her every day life. She'd been warned by Dorri Jun against the repercussions of doing that in public.So Laila used her wit and intellect to collect every little information she wanted about Erum from Khalil. She was ousting news without Khalil ever realising that he was playing a news bearer, both ways. 

Laila grew up like any simple girl of her age making friends everywhere she went, enjoying all the innocent fun and frolic. Of all the children in the neighbourhood she however shared a special bond with Erum's younger brother Khalil. He would often come over to Laila's house with his collection of Hindi music CD's and they'd spend hours playing one after another, listening to happy, sad and boisterous songs galore. They loved old Indian movies and the plethora of songs in them. Khalil's favourite was the Raj Kapoor era. And Laila adored Lata Mangeshkar's singing. Laila's mother would sometimes come with freshly  baked Donuts, Zoolbia Bamieh and Hindi Chai for them on a tray and would never leave the room. The trio would have a happy time humming and dancing to the tunes. Khalil would sometimes explain some Hindi to them from whatever Erum had taught him. 

In the winter holidays when it was snowing beautifully outside Laila and Khalil would build a snowman, right outside the window where Dorri Jun sat with her prayer beads. Laila loved to see her grandma have a hearty laugh at their antics. The sleds came out of the attic and they would go riding down the small slopes behind Rashid's house down to the wooded banks of the Karun River. Lugging the sleds back up to the main road and home was a tedious task and Laila would often dupe Khalil into doing it. Once back in the courtyard of their homes, for hours together a snowball match would ensue between them until they were called into the safety of their homes at nightfall. Dorri Jun didn't appreciate Laila playing outside, late after the lights came on. " I dread people will begin to judge you, Laila. You are a big girl now. You don't need me to talk sense into you. After all Khalil is a boy and you both are not children anymore." Laila knew when Dorri Jun was really cross with her it was time she changed her ways.

The school would reopen soon and right after there was to be a Math Test. The term would also be ending soon and academic preparations for the final year at school were to begin. Laila decided to concentrate on her studies and keep Erum & Khalil out of her mind for a while. 

One day a chit of paper came along with Erum's parcel. In a neat hand a single sentence ran from the left corner to the right. "Dallam Barat Thang Shodeh!" it said. Laila guessed who'd written the note to her.
 Only Laila knew who actually missed her the most!    

To be continued...
For those who may have missed out on the previous stories in this novella: 'The Grimoire'

Facts in the Fiction:
Well traveled Persian Muslims have an Arabic influence in daily conversation. 
Persian Muslims enjoy Indian Bollywood Movies and there is a large amount of fan following for the Retro and Classic movies and songs collection.
Hindi Chai or Indian Tea is a hot favourite there and when milk is added to the brew it is referred thus.

Persian Glossary:
Eid: Muslim festival
Ksheer Korma: A sweet dish made at the festival. (Ksheer = Milk)
Sahha Bahsheh!: (Arabic response): May God give you good health!
Sukran: (Arabic response): Thankyou
 "Yahdeekom Allah wa yousleh balakom!": (God guide you and make you right)
Hindi Chai: Indian tea
Zoolbia Bamieh: Indo-Iranian sweet dish (Like Jalebis)
 "Dallam Barat Thang Shodeh!": I miss you very much!

This story has been written for Magpie Tales #44 ,
Theme Thursday 

Dec 8, 2010


Image courtesy Bodhicitta

Nearer to God reach
Infinite strength in meditation
Higher realm of existence
Inner peace and contentment
Losing attachment to materials
Inward turns one's journey
Tranquil soul in nothingness
Yearning way to Moksha

This has been writtten for Acrostic Only Prompt # 3

U for Untethered

Floated away
Unguided, unrestricted, free
Asking for trouble, Silly

This has been written for the ABC Wednesday Round 7
Sunday Scribblings # 244: Guidance

Dec 7, 2010

Dream, Vision, Reverie!

A wide-eyed dream,
Is more like a vision,
A soothing reverie,
A fanciful musing,
Of the future imagining,
A picture now I can see.

Can you see what I see?
The future that I dream,
World of my imagining,
A heartening vision,
A wishful musing,
Let me stay in this reverie.

A vague idea formed in reverie,
It’s fruition I wish to see.
Not a baseless musing,
Not a worthless dream,
It’s a positive vision,
A united world in my imagining.

Peaceful and free existence in my imagining,
No conflicts over borders, in my reverie.
I meditate on this vision,
Hoping you too shall see,
Share my wide-eyed dream,
And join in this musing.

Once it is everyone’s musing,
Reconciliation I’m imagining,
Then it’ll be time for this dream,
To realize; rising from reverie,
All will wake and see,
Work to enliven this wonderful vision.

Takes conviction for a vision,
To not remain just a musing.
End of terorrism and violence I see,
Infinite love, peace and security I’m imagining,
I’m lost in this fantastic reverie,
Will turn true, one day, my wide-eyed dream!

Until that day, I live with this vision,
My Imagining will find voice; my musing,
Triggering thought, from reverie, you’ll see,
Will soon be a realized dream!

This is a SESTINA:

Is a highly structured poem consisting of 6 six-line stanzas concluding with a 3-line “envoi”, for a total of thirty-nine lines.Rather than simply rhyming, the actual line-ending words are repeated in successive stanzas in a designated rotating order. The prescribed pattern for using the 6 line-ending words is:

1st stanza 1 2 3 4 5 6

2nd stanza 6 1 5 2 4 3

3rd stanza 3 6 4 1 2 5

4th stanza 5 3 2 6 1 4

5th stanza 4 5 1 3 6 2

6th stanza 2 4 6 5 3 1

envoi 2--5 4--3 6--1

The sestina dates back to the Middle Ages when it was adopted by the Italian poets of the Renaissance (Dante and Petrarch), and is often used by contemporary poets.
This has been written for
Jingle Poetry
Poetry Potluck: Deams, Visions & Reveries

And also for the OSI Prompt # 145: Free(dom)