When I was a little girl…

Will I be somebody great enough to have my autobiography published and read, some day? Whether the words I coin will someday be treasured as thinking pills, I really don't know!
However I’m greatly inspired right now to reminisce. Not for the sake of authoring an autobiography. Only because my conscious and my sub-conscious keep tripping back into the past and the pictures stands so vivid before my eyes. 
The earliest memory that I have of myself  is of me,shooting headfirst, down, straight down towards the gravelly earth right at the footstep of our ground floor home. I can still remember myself zipping at top speed towards the ground and the fast approaching rocky surface hurtling towards me. And there the landing wasn’t soft one bit! 
That was me, an over energetic tiny tot of 2 years, extra eager to discover the world and in a perpetual hurry to get out of the boundaries of my home and my over protective Mumma’s reach. LOL. 
Born on the 25th of December, this babe came into the world with all the fervor and frenzy of X-mas packed inside her! Results of that previous leap and take-off from that door step had had no effect on me. No sooner the swollen lips had resumed their original shape, than I managed to repeat my stunt  over again even after Mumma’s worried warnings & scolding. Papa’s supposedly strict punishments were given no heed to. Poor dears, they tried every which way to keep me from jet-setting every week and sprouting a pout once again, but to no avail!
Every heroic fall gave me torn lips, bruised elbows and grazed knees! Don’t know what celestial powers protected me but I never damaged a single tooth nor suffered severe repercussions. After about half an hour of bawling I would be back to my crazy antics! Mumma squealed her lungs out but only Pappa’s stern voice could tone my energy bursts down, sometimes! 
Even as a silly babe, I think I took myself to be a true Capricorn, too seriously. Remember walking on the edge of our bed..reverse!! While between that cartwheeling fall, I caught a glimpse of myself in the full-length mirror placed facing my bed. Only now my image was upside down!In that split second I realized that the gravitational forces were playing their trick again. And when I was back to my senses I found myself sprawling on the ground like an upside down spider with my mumma’s and pappa’s shocked faces staring down at me from those towering heights. 
Mumma told me, my escapades had begun right since my cradle days. The 6 month old little jumping jack had managed to topple the heavy metal cradle.Hercules..Obelix..many names came 2 my Mumma’s mind then which could replace my present name!! Hearing my wails she’d rushed back to my cradle only to have found her baby on the floor instead. By then the temple of my forehead that had hit the jagged foot had gone a bluish green ,missing my eye in millimeters!
Another incident that cant go untold is the one that occurred a few days before my first birthday. As usual ‘V’ the victorious had set out on the mission to discover and conquer the world on all her fours. While exploring my beautiful haven I managed to bump into the tall wooden plank that had been set against the wall by the carpenter. That plank which was meant to be fixed into a new bed was now lying on my tiny back. My loud bawling had my Mumma rush to where the sounds came from. To her utmost shock and dismay her kid was unearthed from underneath the huge wooden plank. It had been resting on my back like I was some kind of a miniature pet donkey! 
This other happening was truly a scary one that had frightened the daylights out of my Pappa. By now I was 3 and a naughty one at that. So I lay there on my bed juggling seashells and intelligent that I am..or it must have been that I wasn’t completely agreeable with Newton’s Law of Gravity. So out to make a new discovery I sent tiny seashells up hurtling above my head as I lay right beneath them flat on my back on my bed, looking at them flying upwards. I watched them rise up, up, high in the air. On their passage back towards the earth, one took a long dark tunnel to travel through which happened to be my left nostril! Stupid boring games that I played with them, one shell had chosen to get naughtier than me. With it stuck somewhere between its way to my intelligent brain, I was whisked up into my watchful Pappa’s arms and borne to the docs’ that very instant. With knotted brows and sweaty palms Pappa plopped me on the doc’s table. Soon I felt cold pincers travel down the same passage way and there, the teensy weensy shell was found, caught and pulled  out in no time! 
This kind of outlines what harrowing experiences I had my parents go through. Guess that’s why they stopped at 1.
And this was just the beginning….


ctrlalteredmind said…
that was one amazing read. I bet you were all euphoric while composing it :)
ctrlalteredmind said…
hey, its been almost 2 months since your last post! get that creative pen out of the closet! :)
Rumya said…
Now I know where all of Udhi's Naughty Genes come from!! ;)
It's Maternal!! :D

Your very first post!! Wowie!!
Since you weren't updating I thought I should go into your archives and check out the ones I had missed!! :)
Monalisasdream said…
Hey Vibhuti, wow wonderous creature you are and I thought my antics were the worst, my mom would be happy knowing hers wasn't the only crazy child. Hmm but Newton I'm sure is cursing from his grave for giving Einstein credit for his sole discovery :P

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