A gem of an idea

1st splendid idea was the Bloggers Premier League launched by Cafe Ginger Chai.
 2nd splendid idea was to bring the best of the best and distribute them into formidable teams with their awesomely designed respective logos, Baselines et al!
I belong to THE BLUE INK SOCIETY and boy am I proud of my team or what!
Kudos to Cafe Gingerchai..

3rd was a gem of an idea that came up when the team members met to strategise our next move at BPL, from Rituji our team speaker..
She thought that we could all shine like gorgeous and priceless BLUE GEMs at BPL and nicknamed all of us aptly...
Know each of our team player better at how we can catch your eye through a skit presented at Cafe Ginger Chai, titled 'Ginger Chai Ka Kamaal'


Phoenixritu said…
I love the graphics Ginger Chai has done ... very plush. Yeah, and thanks for the link love my girl!

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