Sep 19, 2010

I caught a fly alive!

The White-browed Fan Tail Fly Catcher..

I've been watching this restless little bird hopping from one branch to the next on the tree right outside my window, since the month of July.
This White-browed Fantail, Rhipidura aureola, is only about 18 cms. long and builds a rather tiny cup like nest. The name itself tells us that its an insectivorous and I've spotted it myself pecking at cobwebs. :D
Its my aunt;s observation that this tiny little bird, surprisingly, can scare away crows very easily by attacking them with its tiny sharp beak, fearlessly.  I believe it must be the male protecting its fledglings or probably the eggs in its nest.

Another beautiful characteristic is that this bird has peculiar way of fanning its tail out and doing a little semicircular jig on the branches. This is the most liveliest bird Ive spotted this season!
Nanka is an avid bird watcher and nature lover too. She calls this tiny passerine bird the tweety bird for its musical, high pitched trill.
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