Oct 29, 2011

Happy Diwali @ FlipKart

It has indeed been a happy Diwali for me. God is great!
 And then like a cherry on the icing, I visited Flipkart.com only to find MY FIRST BOOK available for purchase online..
At 25% Discounted Price 'Not Totally Unbelievable' can also make a wonderful Padva/ New year gifting idea...
Its just a hop, skip, jump to www. flipkart.com and then a click to pick it up..BUT you will have to promise a book review will be posted as soon as my book is read..Now make me a Diwali gift too!!!

Lin delves into her knowledge of the magical powers of the Tisane to solve the problem that her elder sister Liu is facing at The Lingnan Tea House.
 Dereck has accidentally slipped into a seemingly unending black hole while trekking in the Black Forests of Germany. His whole life flashes before his eyes as he travels down the dark tunnel. Once out in broad daylight, he is surprised to be alive and shocked to find himself in India.
One evening a teenager looks up from the book she is reading and finds a phantom staring her in the face, floating between her mother’s white roses, a few steps away from her.
On another day Daddy’s bike journey once again very mysteriously comes to a similar end like always, almost like a decree from God.
For Meera, a young teenager, life seems to have always turned a deaf ear towards her. One day she finally decides to step off into oblivion. She goes unheard.
‘Not Totally Unbelievable’ is a collection of 10 short stories narrating the extra- ordinary experiences in the lives of the seemingly most ordinary people from the Occident, Orient and India. These pieces of fiction are essentially true stories that will compel one to believe in mysterious magical powers and forces around us, within us.

 Hope to see you'll at Flipkart leaving some book reviews for me to read and learn from! :D
Warm wishes for the festive season once again....

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