The very first review of NTU

"Every one of us will have a thousand stories to tell. But not all stories have the same charm. What makes a story fascinating is the minor details that make the stories come alive and give the reader a vicarious experience of living through the story. Vibhuti has excelled in this element...... "

The very first review of  'Not Totally Unbelievable' and its TOTALLY made my day!
Karthik LakshmiNarayan of Lucifer House Inc. has done it again. Constructive criticism has always been his forte but this time he has gone steps ahead and given a budding author such brilliant support and a beautiful pedestal of words of appreciation..I can't thank him enough!

    For a humbly written book as mine I never expected such a heart warming review.

    Read the first and complete BOOK REVIEW of 'Not Totally Unbelievable'. 


Dipesh(DS) said…
I just commented on The Fool's blog!!
All the Best for your book, looks a fascinating read!
vibhutib said…
Thankyou so much.
Cant see the comment yet..Will definitely catch it later..
Do give the book a read..:D
Hmm.. I missed... First review is always special.. Congos to you and TF..

Someone is Special
T F Carthick said…
Wow. I am glad to know mine was the first review of your book. I thought I was late by 2 weeks.

@DS - Approved your comment now.

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