When I See Your Face: Book Review

Author: Devika Fernando
Publisher: Kindle Edition
My Rating: ****
About the Author: Devika Fernando is a widely published  romance novel author and prolific writer from Sri Lanka. Having lived and completed her education in Germany, she now works as a self-employed German web content writer and also as  a translator, based in Sri Lanka. 

While reading this book I must say I felt like that child who receives the choicest confectionery and never wants it to end. Its undoubtedly sweet all over but sends a myriad delicious feelings racing through your heart. Simple yet interesting storytelling with the appropriate use of good words makes it a smooth read. 

Roughly 17 months of marriage and at least twice as many bruises later, Cathy takes courage and makes an overnight exit to a remote village. She dreams of reclaiming her life and plans to start a cake business with some help from old Mrs. Grindle- her new-found aunt who's the owner of the guesthouse she's put up at. How love comes searching for her when she least expected it is a wonder! 

The love story blossoms slowly and in an absolutely sweet way. The relationship is more emotional and that makes it more romantic. Cathy and Michael's characters develop so beautifully before our eyes, actually falling in love with each other. Hats off to the author for keeping the characters on an emotional plain instead of having them merely tangle in lust.

The author has crafted such intelligent repartee between the two that it makes the story very interesting and entertaining. The quick wit in the dialogues, the natural situations and locations make it a very believable story. All the time, while I was reading, I realised a movie based on the story was playing out, scene by scene in my mind, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. LOL! I am a die-hard romantic and totally enjoy reading such books and watching such movies. I feel the emotions, I cry along and nose-dive into the protagonist's life. 

Like I said before, Devika Fernando's stories are like sweets but I wish this one had lasted longer. I would have loved to read this as a full-blown romance novel instead of just a short story. It had all the potential to show Cathy, Michael and the antagonist flare out in all their colours before the reader's eyes.

Kaleidoscope of Hopes by Devika Fernando is yet another MUST READ love story, if I may say so! 


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