Flipping Tables


"Unbelievable! She flipped it neatly, and turned it again too, within minutes," her teenager son looked up at her in awe.

" I know son, I was watching your Ma too!" Pa chuckled and beamed a smile at her as she brought steaming chapattis and settled at the table.

"Ma, how did you do that?" 

" You made it look as easy as flipping these chapattis," Pa interjected, giving her palm a loving squeeze. 

"The helicopter I was flying can backflip from a hovering position because it's got semi-rigid rotor systems. After I've  established a positive 'G' on the rotor blades it co-operates, letting me pull-off a clean back-flip!" She was mentally back in the cockpit as she explained, passionately.

"Mind- blowing, Ma!  My friends joke that  girls can't drive cars."

"Tell them, the woman of today can sail her own boat and sink your ship too if she decides to," Ma laughed.


 This 150 words microtale was originally written for the Terribly Tiny Tales & Instagram collaborated International Women's Day contest - #NotSoOrdiNaari Challenge on the occasion of IWD2021

" It's not a woman's job"

The only thing that's not a woman's job is entertaining comments like these. 

This story has been featured as the BlogAdda Tangy Tuesday pick which you can visit HERE 


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