About Me

Vibhuti Bhandarkar – Author, Artist and Virtual Social Blogger

Life has come full circle for Vibhuti Bhandarkar who started her career in Pune in 2004 as a professionally qualified Commercial artist and freelance Eng. Copywriter for top brands and ad agencies in Pune. After experimenting with many areas of expertise and dabbling in various career options, Vibhuti is back in the advertising industry now, running a Graphic Design Studio & Social Media Marketing firm by the name of Studio Ogaan. In 2005, Vibhuti had written feature articles on a freelance basis for the TOI supplements until she went ahead and got married to the love of her life, in 2007. She then delved into conceptualising and designing interiors for niche lounges in resorts in Goa. In 2008 she successfully launched and ran an Art Gallery & Art Curatorial Services in Pune post which she went on a maternity sabbatical.
Vibhuti’s restless creative genes have never allowed her to put her feet up and relax, ever! Soon she found herself resurfacing as an avid blogger. One more of her life’s targets was achieved as Vibhuti went on to become a published author with her maiden collection of short stories, ‘Not Totally Unbelievable’. Vibhuti attributes her entrepreneurial leanings to her ambitious and talented mother who is her idol. The memories of her continue to be a constant inspiration even after having lost her early on in life. After shifting to Mumbai in 2012, Vibhuti forayed into fashion, took confidence and finally launched her venture in 2014, ‘YOLO by Vibz’ - a label for exclusive and bespoke designer, fully hand-painted fashion accessories. It was an attempt to bring both her passions, fashion and art, together.
Presently Vibhuti is back in Pune and besides being a doting mother to two little naughty boys, is busy writing a novella and a book of short educational verses for children. She also contributes to an Internationally acclaimed women entreprenure's website called WeAreTheCity.in. as a Fashion Blogger. With many accounts to her credit as a Social Media Manager for Studio Ogaan she has re-confirmed that the virtual social writer in her continues to flourish!
E-mail address: vibhuti.bb@gmail.com
Twitter: @klishmaklaver
Instagram: vibzb
Phone number: +91 7875556737