Getting into the SPORTing spirit

If you have lived half your life like a Tomboy, this should be second nature to you!
I grew up as one, with a mop of golliwog hair and scarred knees but did that tune out my passion for fashion? No ways!
I find 'sporty chic' a more freestyle expression of your sense of fashion. It gives an equal, if not greater scope for making a style statement. And must I say, I find it extremely sexy when the girls get it right?

'Namaste!' from the land that follows a sport like a religion and can speak of many 'Gods' in this pantheon. Cricket- almost like a country cousin to baseball, was my most favourite sport, right until I entered my teens. I actively played the game with the boys with as much singular focus and intent to master the art of wielding the bat. 

At high school,my first introduction to the idea of sporty chic fashion came in the form of Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge in Archie Comics. It was like a paradigm shift for me. Baseball or no Baseball, no matter if there wasn't any real season cricket match either, I decided I was going to take a cue from Veronica and amp up my style quotient. Even though I was stepping out onto our humble playground, with a cricket bat and a softball in hand what I wore was going to be an eye-ball grabbing outfit.  I began to look forward to the next Cricket match, to step out in the best fashionable ensemble I'd rigged up. The same old shorts that I'd grunge in became a part of a sensational outfit, all coming together, in my head and then in actuality!  

It's ages since I have wielded a cricket bat now but hopping over to the stadium to watch a game, remains a huge interest. And like a true fanatic, I sport my team's colours and go armed with a war cry too! LOL. I watch the game with intense passion and need to feel the spirit envelope me.

Womens New Era Chic Cadet Adjustable Hat
For me,the euphoria is a build-up, right from my footwear to the top of my head. So here's something I spotted betwixt the San Francisco Giants hats .  Its just the thing I'd love to wear to any game! An accessory that's high on fashion and very functional too. The team insignia is embroidered on the side, to camouflage with the print.

This particular cap is such a versatile piece. I could wear it even if I'm not going to a game, maybe on a safari and still be sporting my fanatic craze for my team. I've always felt that the 'cadet' look exudes a sense of power, a little bit of attitude, some amount of tenacity and of course putting an ensemble together with this will mean originality!

I am a citrus punch kind of girl. I love the warm colour palette on a hot summer day to bring out the vibrancy and reflect the mood. So I have gone ahead and put together a look to show you what is on my mind.

Hope I have revved you up and inspired you enough, to set your ball rolling on the 'sporty-chic' track! What hat would you be wearing to go with your MLB- crazy fan's outfit or should I say your 'baseball luxe' outfit?

MLB ensemble


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