Book Reading/Reviewing Challenge 2016

This brand new year 2016 has brought with it an increased fervour to read more and varied books/authors. I have therefore been picking up book challenges that are doing the rounds on the virtual social circuit.

One of them being the Brunch Book Challenge Part-3 (Indian Writing Special  launched on twitter by Hindustan Times - HTBrunch. the target is to read 24 books this year. I'd read 20 in 2015, so a plus four seems extremely doable. 

However I came across another kind of book challenge on Facebook that specifies what kind of books to cover, and then I had this 'Aaha!' moment. That was just the thing I was looking for. 

I think I want to take the #BookBrunchChallenge a bit further by zeroing down on what kind of books will be included therein, ie. a list of the 24 books. Not the titles but the genre or what they mean to me. 

In the #BrunchBookChallenge I will read and review 24 books that tick off one of the following criteria each:-

1. Book of my most favourite genre
2. Book of my least favourite genre
3. A book of poetry
4. A book I've been meaning to read
5. A book you previously abandoned
6. A book I own but have never read
7. A book that intimidates me
8. A book published this year
9. A book recommended by an author/librarian/friend
10. A book I should have read when in school
11. A book published before I was born
12. A book that was banned once upon a time
13. A book you've already read at least once
14. A National Book Award winner
15. A book that has been adapted into a movie
16. A humorous book
17. An autobiography
18. A travelogue/a book based on a road trip
19. A book by an internationally acclaimed author
20. A book translated from a regional language
21. A book of collected short stories
22. A self-improvement book
23. A non-fiction book
24. A romantic bestseller

By the end of 2016 I hope to have checked off all of the above books, not necessarily following the same order.And I also hope to be able to review each of these books too..

Do please leave a suggestion in the comments, if any!


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