Jun 6, 2010

The Blogger's Block!

 Another day, another time,

 Began I, a verse to rhyme

Could only think of lines a few,

 Dare I say I was very blue?

 Every time I’d picked my pen,

 Fairly well I’d written then,

 Generous praises came to me.

 Had I then this ominous day to see?

 In utter despair I was lost,

 Jilted lover, heart in frost.

 Knelt at the altar,

 Lamenting in prayer,

 Make my pen mine again

 Nothing could be the same till then.

 One and only love of mine,

 Pen of poetry divine.

 Quill of mighty praises earned

 Respite only when you’ve returned.

 So I waited for words to come

 Till they flowed and I could hum.

 Until then what could I do?

 Vehemently pleaded forgiveness to

 Words of rhyme and reasons right

 X me not, for I promise to write,

 Zealously , from the heart , when the mind’s blocked!

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