Aug 10, 2010


" Must you, like a fish, drink?"
She asks, her voice so feeble.
He cares less to stop and think.
His tongue slurs and mouth dribbles.
He seems an incurable addict.
With him, no future to predict!

No horoscope needed to predict,
His health failing with each drink,
He has succumbed, the addict.
With each sip he grows feeble.
Out of his hands life dribbles,
Still he cares not, to think.

It is very sad to think,
Unlike what the horoscopes predict,
To him, her protests are only dribbles.
More than her, he loves his drink.
Their bond too is growing feeble!
Life in vain with a vane addict.

Before her eyes, wastes the addict.
It’s time for her to think.
His chances of survival feeble,
Is what people predict.
She has to get him off his drink.
His gaping mouth on the table, dribbles. 

She smashes the bottle, it dribbles.
She almost abhors this addict.
“Give up this mephitic drink
It's time to wake up and think.
Before there's only death to predict”
She orders, not at all feeble.

 Answers he, " To fight I’m too feeble.
I see my life, away it dribbles.
Alas! There’s only death to predict,
For me, an addict.
My vice, this drink,
To give it up I cannot think!”

She insists, “ Make decisions that aren't feeble.
Know that, it’s but poison that dribbles,
From a bottle and you drink!”

This is a SESTINA: 
Is a highly structured poem consisting of 6 six-line stanzas concluding with a 3-line “envoi”, for a total of thirty-nine lines.Rather than simply rhyming, the actual line-ending words are repeated in successive stanzas in a designated rotating order. The prescribed pattern for using the 6 line-ending words is:
1st stanza 1 2 3 4 5 6
2nd stanza 6 1 5 2 4 3
3rd stanza 3 6 4 1 2 5
4th stanza 5 3 2 6 1 4
5th stanza 4 5 1 3 6 2
6th stanza 2 4 6 5 3 1
envoi 2--5 4--3 6--1
 The sestina dates back to the Middle Ages when it was adopted by the Italian poets of the Renaissance (Dante and Petrarch), and is often used by contemporary poets.

This Sestina has been written for the Three Word Wednesday prompt 
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