Aug 8, 2010

Guest Post #6- by Rumya Bhatt

My sis
Kith and kin
Happy days are here
May god bless you with years to blog
Appreciating and complementing your good work
Embellish each line and each verse
Photograph nature
Skies or bee
A line


Vibhuti B said...

Awwww Rumya,
This Fibonacci Poem was so sweet.
This is a very loving gift again from you!
And must I say I am mighty impressed by your poetic prowess. This lesser being is also very amazed at the way you are so well-versant with HTML codes too..
Thanks a ton for the poetic wishes...
And do convey my regards to Nanka.
Miss you'll a lot

Rumya said...

Thanks Vibzz for your generous and kind words of appreciation.
Glad you liked our little gift to you. :)
We too miss you loads!!
A big Mwwaah to the Little One!! ;)

Deepak said...

very nice blog, loved the posts :)


Tavish{Sensible Bakwas} said...

Hey that was really nice Rumya...

Rumya said...

Thank you Tavish!! :)

Anonymous said...

wwooooww.. Rums and Vibbzyyy that was brilliant..
yaar koi merko bhi sikhaoo ye sab :(