Aug 20, 2010

The Thursday Challenge

This Thursday was really challenging.
First my faithful old lappy crashed and with it went all my data. The doctor was successful in retrieving it for me luckily but I had to sit and transfer it to a safer external hard disk.
Then it was quite a task to flick my hubby's VAIO and pretend as if it was always mine and here to stay with me. ;)
Then this Thursday Challenge prompt reminded me of one particular temple back in Mumbai that has always been very special to me.
So I had to dip into the archives and fish out the album out of a collection of many. This photograph is from my college days when there were no digital cam's readily available.
I had to also go through the entire rigmarole of syncing my scanner with the new lappy!!!!!
Therefore it was quite a challenge to find one hard copy from the album then scan it and then finally post it here. BUT I DID IT!!

 I used to click around the city with a simple manual Minolta SLR in those days ..And I loved the way my cam' responded to my command.My photography teachers told me it was giving me wonderful output...Do you think so too???

Sharing with you one of my favourite  features of the magnificent Shankar Matham located at Matunga in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

I have always loved paying homage to Lord Shiva here especially because the temple precincts are so beautiful and artistically done. The South Indian Temple Architecture is an example of the peak of Indian culture & creativity. 
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