Celebration Time!

This is my 50th Post and I really am very happy with the response I have received to my writing!
Thankyou All for making this a pleasurable experience...
All your complements, criticism and comments has made me want to write more.
With each response I could feel myself get better at what I had taken up, blogging with a purpose!
After 50 posts I wish to go a rung higher!
At the same time I was missing all the fun I had with some silly posting I used to do at my personal blog...
There it was more of informal writing and blogging about my other personal interests like cooking and fashion
SO to commemorate the 50th post at this blog I am announcing the revival of my old blogspot
-Raison d'etre
Please feel free to go ahead and savour some of my old posts there...


Ajay said…
hapPy 50! let the counter go on ticking............
Unknown said…
Hearty Congratulations and more than anyone's support its your writing that has pulled in everyone from all directions to read it what you shared, the credit goes to only you. May this be an unstoppable, unforgettable and never ending journey..Amen!!
Chatterbox said…
Congratulations Vibhuti on the wonderful achievement of 50 posts :)
Keep up the good work and keep 'em coming :)

Rumya said…
Happy #50!!! :D
Go on to make a century post, double century post, triple century post, quadruple century post and many more century posts!!! :)
And we'll keep reading on and on and on...!!! All the Best!!!
Keep the fingers typing!!! :D

-Rumya & Nandini!!!
Congrats buddy........
have cheerful blogging......
try to explore all the possible domains in writing :)
Karthik said…
Chalo now two more things: cooking and fashion. Whew! *karthik skims the sweat off his face* :D

Congratulations, Vibz! Keep going and let me keep reading. :)
Congratulations on your 50th post!
Gyanban said…
good going...keep going...congrats.!
Congratulations on your 50th post!

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