Mar 2, 2010

Rare blooms

This flower blooming on the Bombax  (Ceiba) Malabaricum or the Red Kapok Tree is a rare and refreshing sight!
This photograph is of the first bud on the giant tropical tree in my garden commonly known as the 'Silk Cotton Tree' or Semal in Hindi.The tree has a straight, heavily buttressed trunk and there are spikes on the trunk to deter attacks from animals. The woody capsule-like fruits when ripe contain silky floss or white fibers like cotton which are used in pillows, etc.
The large, lobed leaves are deciduous in winter and and then the tree is absolutely bare.
Large orange/red flowers with 5 petals appear in the spring before the new foliage.
This tree flower is the flower emblem of Guangzhou, China!
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