Feb 14, 2010

R.I.P.German Bakery

Yet another black day in Indian history!
Today, would have painted the town red with love but that was not on destiny's mind. The red that we are seeing is of bloodshed. 26/11 grazed Leopold's at dear old Mumbai and last eve' terror ripped one of our beloved Pune city's favourite landmark, The German Bakery.
A gory, ghastly sight had replaced the usually hustling- bustling merriment.
We can now only reminisce those beautiful cups of sweet tea sipped at those creaky tables. The bushy- brow, toothy smile helper bringing out the fair from its mouth-watering display like a magician opens his bag of tricks!
I would greedily bite into the cheese-filled croissants and devour the pastries. It was a Saturday ritual to lug home a big bag of goodies from the bakery. Apple Crumble pie, Plum cake, Cheese cakes, Tarts and what- nots! Sometimes in boxes and sometimes in bags. I can still feel the cinnamon aroma of hot bread waft into my nostrils raking up a rumbling hunger in my tummy.It was a pleasure to hold the crisp brown bags in my lap on the drive home and then rip open the neatly sellotaped paper-bags to lay out the breakfast table with an array of multi-grain breads, puffs & rolls.
The show was forced to stop last eve'. For forever! Never again will we see the same wholesome fare from German Bakery on our table. They've blown our smooth sailing life to bits!
And what can we do about it? Nothing? Yes, NOTHING. The sad, blatant truth is NOTHING will be done about it....
Death has struck terror in our hearts yet again but we can do NOTHING about it. We will just sit again before our TV sets discussing, speculating, worrying and waiting for more news to come!
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