Feb 12, 2010

Yo Dude! Wazzup?

In the 70's the word mouthed by many at college was 'bugger' and my Pa uses it sometimes till date. In the 90's and at the beginning of this Millennium I noticed that my college-mates used a lot of  'Man' while addressing another. In this decade the 'Dude' seems to rule the roost! Used liberally at the beginning and at the end of each sentence, its very much in vogue.
When a teenage friend of mine called me that, I rebelled, and aghast she goes, " Dude you're so Old World! Chic your language up dude!" I could almost feel a tuft of silver, sprout from mid-ramp at my head and lunge towards my temple. I have got to chic my language and then my wardrobe and ofcourse my hair,  like she has!
  " ...But that's not you! Do you have to act like your classmates do? " I pleaded.
And she rolled her eyes at me and said " Duh?!" 
She wouldn't be caught dead looking like a bhenji!
The irony is that they have to drape a sari and wear a Salwar Kameez to class which she said they shed as soon as possible after class. Before she joined this BIG business school she was quite normal, OK as per my belief but now shes evolved into a cool, no kewl avatar!
"..but doesn't all this spell artificiality?" I continued to argue.
She only kept glaring back at me as if she was about to give up on me!
Another BFF of mine is only at school and she's already this chic thing. Her flicks are streaked a bright red. I'm supposed to call them Bangs!
My school days, we weren't allowed bindis or mehndi or any other such embellishments. Today, its all totally cool with the 'Princi' dude. I'm just hoping the Convent schools are still strict in these matters but then again my expectations are so Old World.

I'm inspired to coin a 2 liner in this situation," dude, dude, dude, dude...
Dude hai wonderful, dekh sakhte hain roz classful dude, dude, dude, dude, dude!" 
I know these are not original lines. I've tweaked the lines from a popular ad' but that's what this age is all about. Isn't it? Original is out, Artificiality is IN!
In an attempt to go with this flow, I've switched over from my straight fit Jeans to the skinny fit! 
First it was the British Raj and now its Amreekanisation.
I can't afford to stay like an 'Abhoriginal', can I?
I cannot deny that there's a positive side to this too. The English taught us to shift from the sari and don the pants. Maybe America will take us from pants to Hot Pants!
Interesting eh?

PS: If this piece has offended anybody's sentiments, its definitely not intentional. I've just taken the liberty of the freedom of expression, dude!

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