Apr 7, 2010

Not bad eh?!

I'm quite proud of my blogging achievements this morning! Had taken up my love for short story writing seriously, only a few months ago and I consider myself an amateur writer. So I'd participated in INDImag's KathSagar Short story-writing competition with really no expectations at all.
I submitted two stories and both were published. WOW! I said to myself and raved about it to all my friends.
The valuable commentators also showered my work with kind words of appreciation. 

Then came the results and I was elated to see that mine was picked as a wild card entry and was 17th on the list of top pick stories (from 70 entries) that would enter Phase-II, the final phase of the KathaSagar Contest. Though mine was last on the list, it was again an unexpected feather in my cap !! :))

And this morning, wonder of wonders...

Just take a look at this table...'Lin had a Solution' is 4th !!!

Isnt that a huge leap?
Mine is not the winning story and neither am I the runner-up but still I'm very happy, you see!
Thanks a ton Respected judges, Mr. Aaman Lamba, Mr. Abdul Rasheed & Mrs. Chitra Aiyer...
You've truly made my day...
Now I see hope for myself as a writer..:)

Heartiest Congratulations to Shail. 'The Pink Skirt' was indeed a league above mine..
And Congratulations to the runner-up Nash Singh tooo...
God Bless INDImag!!!
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