#10 YinHe senses trouble...

Wu Zhung had lost herself in the labyrinths of her past once again.
If YinHe hadn't shaken her by the elbow Wu Zhung was mechanically undressing in her chamber.
She had been mentally transported back to that night when she was finally to lie down besides the Emperor for the first time. That day the mood in the royal palace was of great celebrations. Similar to the fanfare held on this day. That day Wu was very happy and felt like an Empress in the true sense even if she wasn't crowned. But today even  though she was closer to the Emperor's heart and was pampered more than any of his Empress' she felt nothing. Her heart was numb to all the happiness around.
It longed for something else, something more.
YinHe looked on as she began to hum, while her maid brushed her beautiful long locks,

Love hath far more to it than touch,
It does not ask but gives you much.
Love needs no rhyme nor reason,
To arrive it needs no time or season.
Love cares less for distances,
It never leaves, you fear spaces?
It makes a mark deep and true.
Have fallen prey? The judge is you! 

YinHe knew what Wu Zhung meant to say. There was love in each word of the verse.
And he also knew who Wu Zhung's heart was beating for.
Wu Zhung remembered that the evening with LuiFei, in the Emperor's company had been similar to what this evening was going to be. The only difference  however was that this time her heart was throbbing in excitement for someone else. YinHe feared that if the Emperor got an inkling of Wu Zhung's feeling, before anyone he would be the first one to be beheaded. 
YinHe wished from the bottom of his sexless heart that Wu Zhung would go back to being the shy little Wu he'd known some years ago.  


magiceye said…
nice build up...
Unknown said…
nice :-)..very nice :-))
Phoenixritu said…
Interesting! She already has a soul mate in YinHe but she wants more ... and that is impossible

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