3 cheers to my Blogger Dost!

This is my 101st post of active blogging since October 2009.
As we all know the +1 mark is auspicious and represents progress, I am celebrating the completion of 101 posts and not a round figure 100.
I wish to share my happiness in reaching this milestone with some of my dearest blogger friends. And hence this post is exclusively dedicated to those friends who made blogging more interesting for me....

Deepak Amembal aka MagicEye,
Could never 'click' like him even if I try!
He writes equally well too,
Instant Words on varied topics for you.
Read between the lines, you'll see
Pearls of wisdom in plenty.
A friend, philosopher and guide,
Blogging with him is a joy ride!

Karthik aka The Last Man Standing,
I'm glad at his blog I made a landing.
Hooked onto his crime stories,
College capers and Love stories.
A young chap with a sharp mind.
To me he's been helpful and kind.
Correctly criticising and generously praising.
His eloquence is extremely amazing.

Bikramjit Singh Mann urf Punjab da Puttar
Is one formidable blogger.
He and his random thoughts
Are very humourous.
This moral police was on my team.
Though he has an endearing style,
Before you mess with him,
Please think for a while. ;)
He loves his motherland,
Though he's far away,
More than any of us,
I can easily say!

Ritu Lalit the Pheonix
Has up her sleeve,
Many bewitching tricks.
Her life wasn't always smooth,
But shes laughs off that ugly truth.
Some spirit for life this brave lady's got,
Not one ounce of which have I got?...:(
True to her name,
this dame..
Di, you've been a guiding light,
Learning from you,
My future is bright!

Meghana S. our cutedevil
With not a single bone of evil.
She's a true romantic at heart,
I've loved her poems from the start.
She writes so ur left LOLing,
Chat with her and you are ROFLing.
Extremely brainy thing this,
Also a beautiful and funny miss!

Rumya and her Chitter Chatter,
About anything and everything that matters.
Her blog is full of funny posts,
To that let me raise a toast.
She has exceptional poetic skills,
Her writing is never a run on the mill..:)
Love you my dear cousin,
Have I told you?
Your style is sweeter than a rasin!

Divya Vinekar's Mockery of Love,
is relatively new.
With poems and posts a few.
But each of it is soulful and heart rending,
In every word and every thought.
Her blog is Mind-bending!
The poems are sweet and thought provoking,
Passion in a lover's heart, invoking!

I am not a great poet though,
an ode to friendship I wished to write so!!!
Also to strengthen this friendship and to express my love for them I have invited these illustrous friends mentioned above to contribute guest posts at my blog, beginning tomorrow...:D
This following entire week has been purely set away for my guests at my blog..

Inviting all my reader friends to revel in the rainbow of varied posts and please do leave comments to make this dedication a success! :))
Pretty Please..


magiceye said…
thank you for the lovely ode to friendship!
you sure are as bubbly as the glass of champagne
celebrating life with every breath!
so heres to you and yours!

Gyanban said…
That is a wonderful gesture.! Truly a good collection and a pleasure to read these blogs.
Rumya said…
Cheers!! Skål!! Tchin Tchin!! :D

On your Century Run,
Dear Cuz, you are fun,
Love you too, 10 tonne!!
Now you've told me, DONE!! ;)

"Sweeter than a raisin" - YUM-YUM!!
Vibz do swizzle, go great gun!! :D
Megzone said…
Vibzzyyyy :D :D :D :D
Congiieeesss on the shagun :D
and yaayyy
mela naama aaya mela naam aaya :D
Bikram said…
vibhzyy THANK YOU SO MUCH.. awwww never had such great beautiful words said about me .. THanks for shwoering so much praise.. i hope it is deserved .. i dont know what to write i am chuffed now.. thank you thank you thank you ... YOU are the best .. I am so happy today :) making me senty now will come back to this later
Anto said…
Wow wonderful write up, all your blogger friends are so damn lucky! I would love to get listed out here :) when you find time do land on my blog I will make all efforts to feature in this space soon.
@ Deepaji,
lets get together some day and raise a toast to this virtual friendship! :D Thanks for the sweet words again

@ Gyanban: Aaah thanks for visiting an dthe comment. Am glad you appreciate the list..
Phoenixritu said…
Awww! Really sweet intro. Thanks a lot Vibhuti! And of course congratulations on your century! May your blog have many many more.
Aaah Rumz,
That was a sweeet reply again..See what I mean? :))
Rajlakshmi said…
thats a lovely post ...
congratulations on the milestone :)
Uma Anandane said…
Nice tribute to your friends....
Phoenixritu said…
Awww! Really sweet intro. Thanks a lot Vibhuti! And of course congratulations on your century! May your blog have many many more.

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