Jul 13, 2010

#14 Embarking on a new journey

10 years she waited for her life to change.
10 years she worked towards slowly eradicating poverty from her family's life.
10 years she'd been toiling to raise herself to an Imperial status.
She even gave her all to the Emperor and bore his sons at the risk of losing her magnificent beauty.
Wu Zhung now expected to get back her dues. She had been loyally advising Lao Zhung and seeing to it that he climbed the steps of success. She had invested all her talents in moving closer to her dreams.
"And now is the time for my dreams to realise. I have waited enough!" She said to herself.

Meanwhile The Empress Xuan began staying cooped in her chambers for days together, not turning up in court. There was news that she was very ill from some undecipherable nerve condition . And there were rumours floating in 'The Great Within' that she'd been keeping unwell since she'd returned from the party at LuiFei's home.
"Why don't we send her some Gingko Leaf Tisane? That'll not only settle her nerves but also help her remember the cause of her illness.", commented Wu Zhung with a deep, throaty laugh. YinHe was seeing this dark side of Wu and hated it. He wished she'd never changed. And couldn't believe Luifei could go to the extent of drugging the Empress.

"Why do I get a feeling that LuiFei has been framed?", exclaimed YinHe in Wu Zhung's presence. He was never scared of speaking his mind even before Wu Zhung. 

"Reign your horses YinHe. Your emotions are running wild. Remember you serve Wu Zhung and not The Empress.", commanded Wu Zhung.
Her tone was ice cold and the words like a whip that stung at YinHe's heart. It wasn't Wu Zhung's nature to refer to him as a servant. He was rudely jerked out of the belief that he wasn't a servant but her closest friend. 

" You may disregard my words today Wu for your eyes are shrouded by the veil of greed but that day isn't far when you will be humbled by destiny!", thought YinHe to himself. "I don't mean to curse you but it is a known fact that ego will always take you down."

YinHe only gave a sigh, aloud in reply to WuZhung's bitter reprimand.     

To escape any further specualtion and blame from the people Wu Zhung set off on a voyage in one of  Hong Zhung's trade vessels over the Yellow Seas. She had nothing on her mind except for the news from the Empress. She hoped that it would be of her hopelessly failing health and if luck should comply, her death! Then she would assume the throne besides The Emperor Lao Zhung. She was worthy of the crown after all, more intelligent and more capable than Empress Xuan. 
"It is time for me to become Empress Wu Zhung.", she gloated.

Wu Zhung planned to relax and enjoy, rejuvenate so that once she was back she could get back to her ambitions with double the energy.   However destiny seemed to have drawn a parallel to her own designs. Wu Zhung inadvertently fell in love all over again. As the ships sailed, the wind blew, the waves lashed against the ship's sides and she felt a sudden storm brewing in her heart. She went head over heels for Hong Zhung, The Emperor's son. She failed to contain her feelings for the handsome young prince.

Her eyes twinkled with glee when he turned to her to address her. Wu Zhung had forgotten her old mission and embarked on a new journey onboard the trade vessel heading for the Malabar coasts of India. Her heart had set sail with the wind!

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