Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill,
Sat on the sill,
Eating bread and honey.
He cracked a joke,
Gave her a poke,
She thought that was so funny.

Jack and Jill
In song they trilled
Their dads had loads of money.
A hop and a skip,
Around the world trip,
They tanned on beaches sunny.

Jack and Jill,
In denim and frill,
Were like a hare and bunny.
They never did much, 
Their story was such,
That's the magic of money!

This has been written for the Z-A in 26 days Challenge at 'I Rhyme Without Reason' 


magiceye said…
love you version of 'jack and jill'!!

thank you for your kind words on my post
Nanka said…
Have they changed their names from Richie Rich and Gloria to Jack and Jill?? Those riches can do anything i suppose :D Such an alluring and entertaining poem...highly attractive and able to arouse hope and desire :D Udhi might like this better to recite it in school rather than the 'ol one. Hehehe!!
vibhutib said…
LOL, I dint any other pic could fit the bill better..LOL..A wishful post it is, isnt it? And for many true too, Isnt it? Sigh!!!!!
vibhutib said…
And Thankyou so much Nanka for your constant praise and support that keeps my creative juices flowing, keeps me motivated!!! Thanks..XOXO
vibhutib said…
You are most welcome Deepakji, You deserve all the praise that you shower on my posts too..:D Thanks again! :D
Megha said…
very nice i like it :) creative indeed ...
Leo said…
cute :D beautiful remix for sure..
Eva Gallant said…
That was so clever! Loved it! Congrats on being selected as a BPOW!
Rumya said…
LOL :D I loved that!!! :D Its better than them tumbling all over.... ;)

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