Nov 11, 2010

Quarter of a year ago....

Quarter of a year ago I stood
 at the same door and rung the bell.

The door opened and there stood
 the most beautiful angel.

Quarter of a year ago
she wasn't my wedded wife

But soon as my mother’s daughter-in-law
 she lost her life

 I'd asked her hand in marriage
My family was in much of a hurry

A Quarter year later she had a miscarriage
And my wife was burnt for dowry

Quarter of a year ago, I’d come here to SEE her
Quarter of a year later I’ve seen her off, forever!

Though this is a piece of fiction it is based on a true life incident. This is partly a fact from a very distant past that has recently become news in the papers once again. Inspiring me to write on it!

PLEASE let's work towards eradicating the Dowry system from Indian Society!

This post is also a part of the Z-A in 26 days Challenge at 'I Rhyme Without Reason'
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