Nov 4, 2010

Whom to believe?

Ms. Heartbroken:

Yearn as much as I may,
Love stays nay.
I beg and I plead
But the void only exceeds.
In my heart’s pit so deep
Emotions sleep.
I think my heart fears
Another bout of tears
And refuses to wake
For life’s sake.
Love’s ways evade
And fail to pervade.
My heart doesn’t beat
At no visual treat.
I feel so lost
Like I'm my own ghost
What should I do,
To start anew?


Why should you yearn,

Instead of learn?

That Love isn’t life

And you shouldn’t strife

to bring it back

And mourn its lack.

Why should you long

For what doesn’t belong

In your heart

From the start ?

Life is in freedom

And not in this boredom

Of commitment

And contentment.

Life is in variety

Not in sobriety.

Keep strings unattached

Feel no hurt when you’re detached.

The Cupid:

Please believe,

It’s in the way you perceive.

For the lost don’t yearn

From experience learn.

Love comes when you stop the chase.

This numb feeling is just a phase.

Fell the wall

Around the heart small.

Welcome the sun

And make life fun.

Keep smiling

Not whining.

Right on time

You’ll hear the chime.

Look it in the eye

And don’t be shy.

Don’t fear the worst.

Drink when in thirst.

Then love will seep in

And live deep within.

My words will be true

For the optimistic you!

This has been written for the Z-A in 26 Days Challenge at 'I Rhyme Without Reason'

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