T for Time

The clock atop the Crawford Market, Mumbai tells us that its TIME to end this shopping spree!!!!  ;)
This has been submitted for the December 2010 theme day: Time at City Daily Photo
and the ABC Wednesday Round 7: 'T'


Nanka said…
Beautiful old age charm!! ...and what if it is running slow?? :D you can get those extra moments :D
Sylvia Kirkwood said…
Great shot for the T Day and a great reminder!! Thanks as always for joining our fun! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!

Wanda Slaven said…
Time is always a great T word, and your clock is really quite stunning.
Rogerogreen said…
great clock. enough shopping, I say
ROG, ABC Wednesday team
magiceye said…
superb take on the theme!!
lan said…
hey.. nice picture :)
Snow Leopard said…
Time and tide stop for no man :)

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