Dec 11, 2010


Nothing more to do, Tom was wondering how he could while away his time now. He was feeling exceptionally dull this evening. He'd finished collecting milk from the cows and truffle from the pig sty very quickly. Not many hen had laid eggs today, so he'd finished that soon too.  All the regular rigmarole was over. Co-op farming was beginning to get a bit of a boring chore for him over the last few days. He wanted some change.

Old friends hadn't stopped by in a long while. He wondered why? He'd sent them many gifts to lure them to his farm but no help came. Something was fishy!

Vanity kept him from doing for them what he expected them to do for him.

Eventually a thought occurred to him. Had they all gone away for good? He hadn't checked in on them for a long while now. Should he have called them instead of just wondering why there was no activity at all at their farms? "...but Roger was celebrating that he'd be expanding his farm soon and he was planning his own winery too." Tom kept pondering in confusion. "Harper must have compelled him to quit!"

Lately Farmville was getting exceptionally uninteresting despite all those attractive prizes and festivals and what-nots. The novelty of the game was somehow lost. "I must quit this gaming addiction too." decided Tom.

This has been written for Acrsotic Only Prompt # 13 and for 

Tale# 37

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