Raise The Roof

Image Courtesy: Link
Retro, Hip-hop and Trance
All hit the floor
Into the night dance
Super DJ, music soars
Endless screaming, throats sore

Take decibels more higher
Hot stepping, cool grooving
Every heart on fire

Reins broken, foot loose
Out for good reason
Onset of party season
Feisty merrymaking that enthuse

Image Courtesy: Link

This has been written for Acrostic Only Prompt #5


magiceye said…

this has that energy that makes me want to get up and groove!!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said…
its the last month of the year and the days of 2010 are numbered. This post so apt, for the season that is in mood and in full swing.
ljm (Amias & Liquidplastic) said…
Alright! This is a great one, put me in the mood to dance .... and party hard!
Nanka said…
What a ruckus could easily blow the roof away...LOL!! :D
Sumit Sarkar said…
I want to join in the fun too :)

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