Image courtesy Bodhicitta

Nearer to God reach
Infinite strength in meditation
Higher realm of existence
Inner peace and contentment
Losing attachment to materials
Inward turns one's journey
Tranquil soul in nothingness
Yearning way to Moksha

This has been writtten for Acrostic Only Prompt # 3


ljm (Amias & Liquidplastic) said…
Now this is an interesting take on the prompt, and indeed, there is peace in the "nothingness" --- if one had no worries this would indeed be heaven. This acrostic is very thought provoking.
Vibz yet another wonderful acrostics from you..

--Someone is Special--
vibhutib said…
Thankyou SIS, :D
vibhutib said…
Hi Amias,
Thankyou for your appreciation. I sometimes have realised that after 10 mnts of meditation all my worries seem to be at bay! Not exactly at heaven but I do feel far better. Try it! :)

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