Mr. Copycat flipped pages of the book
And in a jiffy, said after taking a look
These standards are pretty simple to match
Can pick poetry up like the mice I catch
Have to just go sit by the brook

This has been written for the Acrostic Only Prompt # 8
and for some more
: Flipping


Good composition...I will never be able to make a limerick. Amazing!
Nanka said…
You are amazing at humor and limericks!! LOL!! Loved Mr Copy =^.^= and would love to read more of these cat and mice poetries!!

Tell me why a "mouse" becomes "mice", but a "house" is not "hice"

Good Morning and have a nice day!!
magiceye said…
:) superb!!
vibhutib said…
LOL, Thankyou Nanka! This just came to me in the darkest hour of last night..;)
The English Language must be such a big puzzle who try to learn it as a foreign language, no?
This is a very =^.^=Y ques?ion too!!! ;)
vibhutib said…
I dont think there is anything one's brain cannot do if you will it to! :D Please do go ahead and try your hand at limericks MG..:D And thankyou once again!!!
vibhutib said…
Thankyou Deepakji..You clicked any mice by the brook??? :P
Rumya said…
Is there a DEEP(P)ER meaning to this poem?? ;) I loved it coz I could connect it to something..... :D LOL :D

Thank you for joining us at LOL this week. Do join in again this Saturday!! :)
ljm (Amias & Liquidplastic) said…
LOL .. this was truly a fun read! A great metaphor for copyright violators. LOL!
vibhutib said…
Yes Ma'm I surely will..Whats comin up?? am xcited..:D
vibhutib said…
Thanks a ton Amias,
Like Rumya says a deeper meaning to a light piece! :D
vibhutib said…
Leo said…
LOL :D copying to the book, by the brook, by the kitty crook? ;) Awesome..
vibhutib said…
LOl, I wonder how copy cat keeps from getting caught at it? LOL...Thanks once again Leo. :)
Blasphemous Aesthete said…
Dear Mr. Copy cat, I wish you could copy your obituary too, but then R.I.P. nevertheless.

hehe nice post.

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