Oct 16, 2010

Did You Know?

Dragonflies are one of the oldest inhabitants of the earth dating back to over 250 million years?

The first to develop wings and fly in the air, the dragonflies first appeared during the Carboniferous era, about 250 million years ago along with the Mayflies (Ephemeroptera).

Belonging to the aquatic insect order they are collectively known as Odonata.. Our Indian Subcontinent is rich in these Fast and agile fliers with around 500 of the 5000 recognised species from around the world.

Dragonfly adults are often brightly colored and have a long slender abdomen with two pair of long, slender wings that show many net-like veins. These wings don’t fold and are held outstretched when at rest. Adults are usually found near water but are good fliers and may range several miles.

Known to devour the mosquito larvae, they are nature’s effective solution for keeping malaria in check.

These jeweled helicopters of the insect world are quite tolerant to human presence which is evident from the pictures that I have managed to click from such close quarters.

This one is a female Asian Amberwings (Brachythemis Contaminata) (Fabricius,1793)

Family : Libellulidae
Size : Length 24mm Wingspread 52mm

It was a rainy mid-day, supposedly the best time to try photographing a dragonfly.

Using the flash seems to have lit up the various shades of the dragonfly’s body.

If anybody can share further information on this beautiful God’s creation or correct me wherever I am wrong, please oblige by throwing some more light, over this way!

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