Oct 14, 2010

M for Marriage

image courtesy www. mgcpuzzles.com

And the two tied the knot in holy matrimony

Began a life anew

Chores and bed they shared now

Diligently stuck to their vows

Ever and always to the spouse true

For it wasn’t just a ceremony

God had brought the souls together

Heavens blessed them forever

In bliss to live their lives with love

Joy and prosperity showered from above

Knelt the soul-mates before God

"Let your light flow through us lord

May our togetherness grow day by day

Nectar sweet and seamless we pray

Ought not the world to lose faith in it

Precious is this matrimonial bond

Questioning not the need for it

Reveling in how it makes two hearts grow fond"

So together they made a house their home

To many an example, an envy to some

Undying was the commitment in their relationship

Very emulative was their friendship

With great patience, brick by brick, they laid

X  they marked and wrote on their own door

"You're welcome", the board said

Zone of Love’ – from top to floor!

This has been written for the Round 7 of ABC Wednesday and Theme Thursday
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