Oct 30, 2010

A Ghoulish Scare

There was a power cut suddenly.

Step at a time she stealthily went through the pitch dark of that moonless night.

Somebody was knocking at the door. Who could it be?

Her heart was racing faster than ever.

Nothing could be seen through the peephole.

With shaking hands she opened the door.

A hooded, gaunt silhouette menacingly stood in the doorway, an axe in hand.

She was about to scream when the ghoul yelled “Trick or Treat?”

Note the above TRICK is a piece of 77 Fiction. 77 Fiction infers to fictional writings bound to a maximum count of 77 words.

I'm going as the sweet little Tinkerbell with some more tricks like the above and some treats, to the Ghoul's Gala at 'I Rhyme Without Reason'  this Halloween.
Hope you'll are joining us too!

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