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When I was a little girl…

Will I be somebody great enough to have my autobiography published and read, some day? Whether the words I coin will someday be treasured as thinking pills, I really don't know! However I’m greatly inspired right now to reminisce. Not for the sake of authoring an autobiography. Only because my conscious and my sub-conscious keep tripping back into the past and the pictures stands so vivid before my eyes.  The earliest memory that I have of myself  is of me,shooting headfirst, down, straight down towards the gravelly earth right at the footstep of our ground floor home. I can still remember myself zipping at top speed towards the ground and the fast approaching rocky surface hurtling towards me. And there the landing wasn’t soft one bit!  That was me, an over energetic tiny tot of 2 years, extra eager to discover the world and in a perpetual hurry to get out of the boundaries of my home and my over protective Mumma’s reach. LOL.  Born on the 25th of December, this babe came into