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Loyalty out. Politics in!

Sometimes the days just fall apart, I wish I could just hit 'Restart'. Fretting. Sulking. Tormented. I'm thinking this day is best sooner ended! Like a lost sock. So lonely it must feel! Like a blogger's block, Or an over-exposed reel. Dark.Flawed. Hated. Like a quaint unexpected dead end. Terribly jilted my heart feels. Sad. Morose. Truly terrible is this betrayal! Thinking afresh is an ordeal. I stand here afixed to the ground. Wondering??? Dumbstruck by the cold injustice! But the world still goes around.

Wishing and wanting and wishing and wanting,,,

What one wants and what one gets! If for the better, the old one forgets. When wants become things, For which one craves, Then wants become wishes And one becomes a slave! When one sets about, Getting what one wants, Then little seems too less, And wishes want more! Seldom one remembers He never had it before!!!

I still grieve…

She’s gone, Leaving with me, Sweet scented memories Of childhood gone by. Alas! Had I lived them more, Relished them more, Knowing never to return, times fly! Those loving caresses, That lilting lullaby. Who should bring them back to me? That voice, that touch, I grew up with. The lap I slept my dreams in. I know not where she went that day? Took with her, The arms I cried my sorrows in. What words can relate, The magic of the stories she told? Amusing, teaching, guiding, Words of knowledge, Words of depth manifold! Who can give the love she gave? Her eyes spoke volumes, sweet Was her smile that coaxed me on, To stand on my own two feet! I tottered, I fell, She never let me out of her sight. Her fingers were there, To hold onto tight. She gave me all that I have today, She made me all that I am today. Now, just a spitting image of her Stands there in the mirror, But the soul I loved, She took along, my peace. Left me longing, On my knees.