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The Missing Link

She & He had gone on for a long while like this. She & He had between them something amiss! She stood silently at the window watching the birds fly free, He imagined her planning another shopping spree! He stared at the TV screen blankly, The soaring bills worried him. She saw him only interested in the match, now frankly! Did she mean nothing to him? He saved to tour the world with her. She saw him growing stingier and stingier! “Love You”s became “Miss You”s And “See You”s became “Bye!” All that She & He did now Is look at each other and sigh. She & He had between them something amiss! Now She spoke a lot and listened little, And He spoke not and listened even less. What a mess!                                                                                Then one day as they walked in silence, hand in hand, by the sea “ Chana bolo, Chole bolo!” heard the hawker say, She & He. “Chana” pleaded She & “Chole” said He. Thought She &

Just around the corner...

I know I may be posting this a bit too early but the holiday fever has already taken over me! So here goes.. Wishing all you beautiful people out there.... "Last year’s words belong to last year’s language And next year’s words await another voice! For many like us, it is more than a change of a calendar. The New Year symbolizes the beginning of a better tomorrow. So, if you look forward to a good year ahead, Resolve to make at least one person happy every day, and then in ten years you may have made three thousand, six hundred and fifty persons happy! Wish you a double dose of health & happiness, topped with loads of good fortune. Have a great year ahead!" ......HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 !!!

Holysome Beaches!

As if to establish what I heard many of my traveler friends say time and again, we discovered one of the most superb Indian holiday destination when we were least expecting it! The real thrill out of traveling does come when you discover something you did not map, just out of the blue. Or should I say in the GREEN? My hubby and I felt like we had hit a jackpot and our delight knew no bounds. As a newly married couple dutifully should, we, the clueless couple, had set off to visit our KulDaivata temple at Ankola for the first time. For the uninitiated, Ankola is a small town in Karnataka close to Mangalore and also accessible from Goa . We chalked the route to the LaxmiNarayan Nagve MahaMaya Temple on our own. And Google came in handy again. Being a last minute plan to travel, as always, the only option was to hitch a ride in the next KSRTC Volvo bus to Mangalore or drive down. We obviously chose option A. The conductor and driver was such a co-operative crew that they though


Was wracking my brains for an eye-ball grabbing, big bang opening to this new-born blog and ‘Mirëmëngjes’ has done the trick I’m sure. In Indo-European Albania, the new mum wakes her little one with that, meaning ‘good morning!’. This reminds me of the latest flick that has clicked at the Bollywood Box-Office, ‘Wake Up Sid’. The story obviously revolves around Happy-go-lucky Sid Mehra (Ranbir K) and his muskmelon life. The movie- maker takes a dig at the ‘NOW’ generation when Sid takes his father Ram Mehra’s(Kher) hard-earned money and stoic presence for granted and is engrossed in having a whirlwind life. Ranbir’s chocolate face is the plus point in making his character believable. Aisha Banerjee (Konkana) is a hard-working and aspiring writer who has quit her blissful ‘Bong’ life for Mumbai, in search of independence and recognition. Konkana shoulders the complex role with her trademark poise. Tastefully cast in the role, she has successfully made her character a role model. He

Machhbus & Maryam

Secularism.To many it may be a subject of discussion and intrigue but I was born and brought up in Mumbai, a cosmopolitan city. So for a fairly large part of my life I never realized that some people did live a life otherwise. Even while being groomed in a convent school,each girl was taught to love and embrace the different cultures, traditions and values each girl brought along with her religion. We'd all merged into one big family, genuinely! Our lunch break was all about girls flocking together in groups and sharing their lunch ' dabbas '. I can never deny that was the most favorite part of my day at school. I think those habits have just spilled over into the rest of my life. I don't think even after shifting away from Mumbai I have forgotten even one ounce of what the secular life there taught me. It's this multi-cultural background that made life so wonderful. With the current scenario that has enveloped Mumbai, I just hope that the cosmopolitan lifestyle c

To Heaven or Hell?

People scare you. People dare you. People who think, They know everything. The experienced, The seasoned, They know everything! She’s been there And done that. So she proclaims, The same stage I will be. Standing where she’d been, “You’ll see!” Scared the day lights out of me. How could she? Was that a blessing, Or a curse? What she foresaw was adverse! Is my life leading that way? The path she walked, That led her astray? I wouldn’t want to live that way! People know how things go? People see what lies ahead for me? What am I to believe? My heart that denies, I’ll face the same lies, That she breasted. Her life was wasted! What am I to believe? Her loss of faith, In a woman’s fate? People scare you. People dare you. People who think, They know everything. I say, stop preaching! Life has its own way of teaching. What was yours needn’t be mine, For each there’s a different destiny’s design. For good or for worse, Time will tell. My deeds

The Fart

(Just for laughs. No offence!) This creative piece has obviously been penned on the potty. So hold your breath if you read on. Its a tale of all the unwanted inside of you. Keep it bottled up and it's a bigger mess within. As a small mumble, in the pit, it begins. Growing into a loud rumble. Making you forget all the good you ever meant. Thats the evil thought that grows. That a devil's empty mind sows. Then it becomes hard to contain. Your insides will surely pain. Then its best to send it out. Don't keep it in! This toxic bout has no meanin'. Relieving your mind of all the rubbish, Now, that's a good start! Once out its only going to sound like a BIG BAD FART!

Give and Receive!

A new theory says " Survival of the Nicest!" because its kindness that was the quality only th ehuman race understood and thus prospered. Kindness not only makes you happy from within but may also help you live longer. Interesting thought this and heart wrenching too. wwhen was the last time I went out of the way to do an act of kindness? My friend told me that they are doing a very unique exercise at her University. Each student notes down over a period of 10 days all the acts of kindness they performed. INSPIRING! So I made up my mind to make my own list of random acts of kindness ove the next 10 days. So here we are at the other end and I am about to list down below what I consciously did over the next 10 days, the motive and consequences of such actions. Day 1: Picked up my cell and rang a friend to tell her that there's fish on the menue the next day and she's invited for lunch at my place. She loves seafood. Motive of action: A gesture to strengthen our friends

Book Bonus

The recent recession sadly left a lot many people with 'pink slips' in their hands. But in the old world English it would have been- " a lot many people were given 'the sack' !" Ever wondered where this term must have come from? I did. It didnt strike me that I could have googled it to get rid of that question mark. But I prefer and relish discovering the answer like this.... And what better place to have found the answer after long ages of wondering and asking but the Readers Digest. So yes, I found the May 2009 edition on the back seat of B's car and as I waited for him to return with our take-away, I was scanning the pages and there it was the tidbit! The phrase comes from the Sultan of Turkey's Harem. The Sultan would put members of his harem, with whom he'd become bored , into a sack and throw them down into the Bosphorous Strait. Aaargh! Fortunately for modern day employees, their bosses don't get such gross freedoms to translate the p