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Dopehri: Book Review

  Book Title: dopehri  Publishers: HarperPerennial India (Hardcover) Author's Name: Pankaj Kapur ( Translated from Hindustani by Rahul Soni)  About the Author:  Pankaj Kapur is a versatile, and acclaimed actor of Hindi Theatre, Film & Television with a string of awards including the National Film Award to his credit.  In November 2019, he made his literature debut with this book  which he had written in 1992. My Rating: 3/5 ⭐ 'dopehri' felt like a 90+ pages Long Short Story, not a novella. Read it in 60 minutes flat without skipping a single word.  The author, Pankaj Kapur is an illustrious actor and I've adored his performances ever since I was hooked onto watching 'Karamchand' as a kid. Probably, this was what triggered the great expectations from this little book. W e know he has an impeccable command over the Hindi language. I really wish I'd read 'dopehri' in its original avatar first, instead of this translated English version.  While readi