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Busy Bees

Winter is most definitely my most favourite season of the year! November has set in and its getting cold here. I believe these bees are building a hive as fast as possible so they have a home to stay in when its cold outside. However I've read they come out when its warmer. So do they never actually hibernate, I wonder? This post is for Camera Critters # 134 . Do visit the wonderful critters from around the world!

A Ghoulish Scare

There was a power cut suddenly. Step at a time she stealthily went through the pitch dark of that moonless night. Somebody was knocking at the door. Who could it be? Her heart was racing faster than ever. Nothing could be seen through the peephole. With shaking hands she opened the door. A hooded, gaunt silhouette menacingly stood in the doorway, an axe in hand. She was about to scream when the ghoul yelled “Trick or Treat?” Note the above TRICK is a piece of 77 Fiction. 77 Fiction infers to fictional writings bound to a maximum count of 77 words. I'm going as the sweet little Tinkerbell with some more tricks like the above and some treats, to the Ghoul's Gala at 'I Rhyme Without Reason'   this Halloween. Hope you'll are joining us too!

Wordless Wednesday

See more brilliant snaps from around the world that will leave you speechless at Wordless Wednesday

O for Overwhelming

 Image borrowed from  Days on Nights Young hearts beating Overwhelming feelings  Nights on Days Feelings overwhelming Beating hearts, young  Days on Nights Euphoric infatuation sleepless restless Nights on Days Restless sleepless Infatuation euphoric Days on Nights This has been written to welcome the return of THE NAISAIKU CHALLENGE! and ABC Wednesday Round 7

Fly away Fly!

Image Fly upon my nose For a minute’s stint Sat between so close My eyes went squint Fly away fly Before on the sly With one flick Of my tongue, quick I make you my meal And seal the deal 

Standing upto his name!

Buy Social Causes T-Shirts online at and visit the largest community of Indian Bloggers at Flip, he'd sent the shoe in his right foot flying high up in the air. Gravity was bringing it down now. He ran towards it and caught it, back on the hook of his upturned right foot. Next, Flip went the shoe from his left foot, flying high and back. Walking to school early in the morning through lonely lanes, this was his way of making the stretch interesting. It's amazing how he managed to get to school on time! My Pa-in-Law aka Vijay  was quite a bright student I'm told but he preferred to do things his way. A little too differently for comfort. He always managed to get on the teacher's nerves. Once the teacher had caught him scouring the floor under his desk. "How do you manage to slip off the bench everytime I ask you'll to take notes?" inquired Father D'Mello. Vijay rose off his knees and stood trembling, staring into Fathe

Maiden Over

This post is a winner at BlogAdda's “HOWZAT?” a husky voice hollered. A short, curly haired, fair lad raised a finger and declared the batsman bowled. The dark and lanky figure with that husky voice now ran towards the bowler screaming on the top of the lungs. In no time the thin framed, dimple chinned bowler, Rajeev had been lifted up into the air and the team was exulting over their victory. This was my team, a motley crew of young boys aged between 9-14 years old. And that lanky, dark cricketer with the husky voice was me. With crew-cut hair, a terribly tanned face and scraped knobby knees showing beneath those fatigued shorts, I was easily mistaken as a boy amongst the group of lads. I was a complete tomboy who ate, breathed and lived cricket like any other boy of my age. The society where I lived consisted of a ring of 10 buildings. The oval foreground of the buildings was divided into two equal halves by a speed-breaker in the centre. Two rival teams existed in the same


The Sea's tide sings But serenity for me Is mother's lap Written for Prompt : Serenity


Image E arly in the morning, knock- knocks M cDonald pulled up his socks " P ray who is that?” cried he ‘ T is the farmhand kitty Y our coop hasn't anymore, hens or cocks This has been written for Prompt # 8 : Acrostic Limerick and 

How did she fall for me?

Image A sked a question to which N o answer I could give S tumped, I stood staring W hile she laughed like a witch Ev er like a fool I live R eadily entertaining Prompt 1: Regular Acrostic

Did You Know?

Dragonflies are one of the oldest inhabitants of the earth dating back to over 250 million years? The first to develop wings and fly in the air, the dragonflies first appeared during the Carboniferous era, about 250 million years ago along with the Mayflies (Ephemeroptera). Belonging to the aquatic insect order they are collectively known as Odonata.. Our Indian Subcontinent is rich in these Fast and agile fliers with around 500 of the 5000 recognised species from around the world. Dragonfly adults are often brightly colored and have a long slender abdomen with two pair of long, slender wings that show many net-like veins. These wings don’t fold and are held outstretched when at rest. Adults are usually found near water but are good fliers and may range several miles. Known to devour the mosquito larvae, they are nature’s effective solution for keeping malaria in check. These jeweled helicopters of the insect world are quite tolerant to human presence which is evident from t

M for Marriage

image courtesy www. A nd the two tied the knot in holy matrimony B egan a life anew C hores and bed they shared now D iligently stuck to their vows E ver and always to the spouse true F or it wasn’t just a ceremony G od had brought the souls together H eavens blessed them forever I n bliss to live their lives with love J oy and prosperity showered from above K nelt the soul-mates before God "L et your light flow through us lord M ay our togetherness grow day by day N ectar sweet and seamless we pray O ught not the world to lose faith in it P recious is this matrimonial bond Q uestioning not the need for it R eveling in how it makes two hearts grow fond" S o together they made a house their home T o many an example, an envy to some U ndying was the commitment in their relationship V ery emulative was their friendship W ith great patience, brick by brick, they laid X   they marked and wrote on their own door &qu

Ill Wind

 Image Copyrights: Vibhuti B  I 'm L eft L onely W ounded I n N ever-ending D arkness This Acrostic has been written for the Acrostics Only Prompt 5: Challenge & OSI prompt : 137