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Give and Receive!

A new theory says " Survival of the Nicest!" because its kindness that was the quality only th ehuman race understood and thus prospered. Kindness not only makes you happy from within but may also help you live longer. Interesting thought this and heart wrenching too. wwhen was the last time I went out of the way to do an act of kindness? My friend told me that they are doing a very unique exercise at her University. Each student notes down over a period of 10 days all the acts of kindness they performed. INSPIRING! So I made up my mind to make my own list of random acts of kindness ove the next 10 days. So here we are at the other end and I am about to list down below what I consciously did over the next 10 days, the motive and consequences of such actions. Day 1: Picked up my cell and rang a friend to tell her that there's fish on the menue the next day and she's invited for lunch at my place. She loves seafood. Motive of action: A gesture to strengthen our friends