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Stories From the City Called Kolkata: Book Review

 Book Title: Stories From the City Called Kolkata Author: Ishita Ganguly Publishers: Evincepub Publishing My Rating: ***1/2 About the Author: Ishita Ganguly has worked in the corporate and also the academic sector having double master’s degree, MSc and MBA. But finally, her childhood passion for writing turned her towards a profession she had never planned. She believes this profession chose her! Till now her published work includes articles on multiple niches, short stories, and poems. She is the co-author of 3 popular anthologies and winner of multiple writing contests.  'Stories From the City Called Kolkata' is a collection of 10 short stories telling the realistic tales of the humble and simple middle class life in Kolkata. Beginning with the beautiful Black & White book cover, that captures the iconic look and feel of the city, every story reminded me of my personal experience of the city, and the lifestyle seen in old Bengali movies. It transported me to that world of