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Guestpost #1 - By MagicEye

  The remnants of the Bandra Fort on the left and the Bandra Worli Sealink on the right over the Arabian Sea. To revel in more of such visual beauties please feel free to visit: To view/buy my Art For jottings on photographs For the magic of travel For your daily dose of Mumbai For rejoicing pet love! a piece of my mind Deepak


Image One precious moment, The very first time we kissed. Love is my treasure! Sticking to a strict 5-7-5 syllable count

3 cheers to my Blogger Dost!

This is my 101st post of active blogging since October 2009. As we all know the +1 mark is auspicious and represents progress, I am celebrating the completion of 101 posts and not a round figure 100. I wish to share my happiness in reaching this milestone with some of my dearest blogger friends. And hence this post is exclusively dedicated to those friends who made blogging more interesting for me.... Deepak Amembal aka MagicEye, Could never 'click' like him even if I try! He writes equally well too, Instant Words on varied topics for you. Read between the lines, you'll see Pearls of wisdom in plenty. A friend, philosopher and guide, Blogging with him is a joy ride! Karthik aka The Last Man Standing, I'm glad at his blog I made a landing. Hooked onto his crime stories, College capers and Love stories. A young chap with a sharp mind. To me he's been helpful and kind. Correctly criticising and generously praising. His eloquence is extremely amazin

Naisaiku Challenge Week 74

  An oil painting by Maggie Rex Twitter Tweet Tweet... On a wire little birdys meet. What a visual treat! Twitter Tweet Tweet What a visual treat! On a wire little birdys meet. Twitter tweet tweet.. To know more about the Naisaiku Challenge read here


This is the Thursday Challenge  Photography for Fun and Learning.. This week's theme being BLUE, heres a pic I'd clicked in the monsoons of 2007 on our way to Mulshi Dam. The blue of the sky reflected so beautifully in the waters.....

Soaking in the rain..

My heart went out to these big and little birdys soaked to their bones in the rains. With heavy feathers they were desperately searching for a safe and sheltered perch which is sadly rare in the cities now. :( The Black Kite (Milvus migrans) The Common Tailorbird ( Orthotomus sutorius) Scaly-Breasted Munia (Lonchura punctulata) The Oriental Magpie Robin (Copsychus saularis)

#18 'The Great Without'

The Emperor refused to accept the rumours that fell on his ears. Only when the admiral of his ship confirmed the odd sighting did he begin to believe. And a cold chill ran down The Emperor's spine. First people had reported seeing a white figure running up and down the shores at the same site where the ruins of Hong's wrecked ship lay. The Emperor had pooh-poohed it saying ,  "It must be some white gull scouring the beaches for food. The misty mornings must be playing tricks on your minds!" Then the ship's crew refused to begin journey's in the early hours of the day saying that they'd seen a lady in white walking the ship's decks. She seemed to be searching for something. She stood for some while staring at the horizon and then disappeared into thin air. There was whispering in 'The Great Within' too. Maids reported seeing shadows and hearing humming of some romantic, lilting tunes in the corridors. The eunuchs could distinctly make out the s

#17 The Yin in waiting...

In the wee hours of that day, Hong Zhung had been dispatched on the most ambitious voyage till date, with an impressive armada. After provisioning at Malacca, they sailed northwards for 5 days before anchoring off Sumatra at the entrance of the Indian Ocean. There his armada was split into 4 smaller fleet of ships. The 3 larger fleet were put in the great admiral eunuch Zhou Yun and 2 other's custody. The fourth and the smallest fleet was under Hong Zhung's direct command. The other fleets were also to touch the different ports as planned and then bring the foreign rulers and ambassadors back to China to celebrate the New Year with The Emperor Lao Zhung. Hong Zhung had himself thought of a parallel plan for himself. He would return the envoys to South-East Asia and set sail for home as soon as possible.  He had picked up the biggest and most beautiful fresh water pearl at Malacca. He dreamt of presenting it to Wu Zhung and of how her eyes would grow large in glee as he presente

#16 Money AND Love!

Until the next afternoon, Wu Zhung’s movements were slow as a snail. She tediously went through her morning ablutions without exactly paying attention. For the first time she didn’t feel like beautifying herself from top to toe. It had suddenly become a mundane chore. “Why should I? The eyes that could behold and appreciate my beauty are scouring the seas, not me.” Wu Zhung spoke to herself while her maids patted her long locks dry. Wu Zhung was now in serious self-doubt. It all felt like a dream to her. “Was he just flirting with me? Was it my folly to have fallen for his words? Will he come back for me?” and many other questions riddled her mind. It was only late afternoon after picking at a few morsels for lunch did she realize that she had completely ignored The Emperor’s summons. She picked up a quill and sat herself down to send write back an excuse for not having appeared before him as soon as she’d received the letter. Just then a scream startled her which was followed by lou

#15 Love Birds

Hong Zhung, son of Emperor Lao Zhung was a brave and talented young man. At the fag end of his teens, he was far more matured and knowledgable for his age. His ardent followers attributed that to the numerous voyages he'd made across the seas and shared many a meals with foreigners from all over the world. His intelligence shone bright in his eyes and his ready sense of humour. Besides being witty he was also a very sharp strategist. He planned each journey of his vessels such that time and money was best utilised. Thus he sourced and brought many wonderful treats back in return for silk and tea leaves from his own land.  Hong Zhung was a soul of the open and vast world. He could never remain confined within the palace premises wrapped up in the politics of the Imperial court. He chose to shun the company of scheming officials and the luxuries of the palace, being content with the earthly pleasures available to him on the oceanic escapades, instead.  Hong Zhung was an extremely t

#14 Embarking on a new journey

10 years she waited for her life to change. 10 years she worked towards slowly eradicating poverty from her family's life. 10 years she'd been toiling to raise herself to an Imperial status. She even gave her all to the Emperor and bore his sons at the risk of losing her magnificent beauty. Wu Zhung now expected to get back her dues. She had been loyally advising Lao Zhung and seeing to it that he climbed the steps of success. She had invested all her talents in moving closer to her dreams. "And now is the time for my dreams to realise. I have waited enough!" She said to herself. Meanwhile The Empress Xuan began staying cooped in her chambers for days together, not turning up in court. There was news that she was very ill from some undecipherable nerve condition . And there were rumours floating in 'The Great Within' that she'd been keeping unwell since she'd returned from the party at LuiFei's home. "Why don't we send her some Gingko Lea

#13 The two faced coin

Lao Zhung's wife Empress Xuan, mother of Hong Zhung was not such a bright lady. Yet, when Lao Zhung took over the throne a decade ago, after the defeat of the Mongols, Xuan came to assume the throne as the Empress, by her husband's side.She adorned the throne as beautifully as a broach on the lapel but her contribution to the court's ongoings was close to zilch. Contrasting to that was Wu's personality. She gained recognition for her ready wit, intelligence and flawless beauty as soon as she'd been included in the harem and recruited to the court. Within 5 years, Wu had picked up the ways of the court. With LuiFei's experienced guidance from behind the scene, she had also successfully become the Emperor's favourite concubine. In the next 5 years, Wu Zhung had given birth to the sons Emperor Lao Zhung wanted. As mother of two handsomly turned out and intelligent sons, she dreamed of one of them being the successor to the Emperor's throne. Wu Zhung had st

#12 Wish

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 12 ; the twelfth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton . While festivities in the royal palace continued on the event of The Emperor's son returning back from his expedition and the commencement of the New Year, Wu Zhung sat aloof in her chamber. After a decade, a silk scroll from LuiFei had arrived and it now lay in Wu Zhung's lap. YinHe had seen her read and reread it in the full moon light. He stepped a little closer and took a peek, himself. What one wants and what one gets, If for the better, the old one forgets, When wants become things, For which one craves, Then wants become wishes, And one becomes a slave. When one sets about, Getting what he wants, Then little seems too less, And he wishes for more. Seldom does he remember, He never had it before! The words were neatly written in a slender, slant

#11 Hong Zhung

Over the past decade, under the reign of The Emperor Lao Zhung exploration of the different continents of the world flourished. The Chinese armada sailed gallantly across the Yellow Sea undertaking a journey south. The helmsman kept the Pole Star in sight and steered the ship on course. Accurate methods of navigation were soon developed. Precise sailing instructions were provided on manuals made from long thin strips of paper for each regular voyage undertaken. The Chinese marine engineers had built ships with robust frames where each section was contained by water-tight bulk-heads and bolted together with brass pins. Three layers of hardwood were nailed to a teak frame and the planks were caulked  with coir, sealed with a mixture of boiled tung oil and lime. Especially Lao Zhung's treasure fleets were carefully built using this waterproof lacquer. Lao Zhung's dreams of charting the whole world was about to materialise. Their fleets were mostly organised under the keen managem

#10 YinHe senses trouble...

Wu Zhung had lost herself in the labyrinths of her past once again. If YinHe hadn't shaken her by the elbow Wu Zhung was mechanically undressing in her chamber. She had been mentally transported back to that night when she was finally to lie down besides the Emperor for the first time. That day the mood in the royal palace was of great celebrations. Similar to the fanfare held on this day. That day Wu was very happy and felt like an Empress in the true sense even if she wasn't crowned. But today even  though she was closer to the Emperor's heart and was pampered more than any of his Empress' she felt nothing. Her heart was numb to all the happiness around. It longed for something else, something more. YinHe looked on as she began to hum, while her maid brushed her beautiful long locks, Love hath far more to it than touch, It does not ask but gives you much. Love needs no rhyme nor reason, To arrive it needs no time or season. Love cares less for distances, It never le

#9 Butterfly

Wu was ready to go to dine with The Emperor. Maybe she would perform her favourite fan dance for him too. She would look even more splendid in this gorgeous outfit. Wu was happy and there was a spring in her step as she walked besides YinHe to LuiFei's dinner party. Wu knew she wanted to become more than what she was right now. She wanted to be the Emperor's next love interest, desperately. Wu felt the woman hood in her burst at the seams. She gave a sidelong glance at YinHe and wondered if YinHe could also hear her heart? It was thumping faster and louder at the idea of being made love to by The Emperor Lao Zhung himself. Her cheeks blushed a deeper pink at the thought. Wu's heart waxed lyrical. B eautiful blue butterfly, U tterly mesmerising butterfly. T empted to touch, T rying very much. E ver you keep flitting, R estless, never sitting. F lirting with every flower, L iking one then another Y ou are a casanova, Butterfly!  There were a thousand butterflies

#8 The Yang in waiting..

Emperor Lao Zhung strongly conformed by the Daoist Theory. It had been coined to the Emperor's convenience justifying his need to harness the services of hoards of beautiful women. According to this theory the Emperor was the extreme of The Yang and therefore it was highly essential that he have a physical relationship with as many women, The Yin, as possible. Emperor Lao Zhung was on one such mission on that winter evening again. LuiFei saw lust in his eyes as he sat across the table from her. The bloodshot eyes spoke of a couple of sleepless nights. And LuiFei very well knew that the longing was not for her. She had known Lao Zhung for far too long now to be mistaken that it was her company he'd come for. LuiFei had known all the while that Lao Zhung's fascination of her body would soon wear off. But she also knew how to keep him coming back to her.The young Emperor had an insatiable appetite for the fairer sex. LuiFei was a sharp mind and had caught the Emperor's

#7 Opportunity comes knocking...

The farmer's daughter Wu worked hard and groomed well under LuiFei's loving guidance. There were many court ladies seething in envy because LuiFei herself exhibited unsuppressed favouritism for her. LuiFei had seen the same spirit in Wu that she herself had within her as a young  teenager. With no off-spring of her own, LuiFei had her pent up motherly love flowing unharnessed, for Wu. Wu enjoyed the privilege of attending private lessons with LuiFei over evening's cups of tea. YinHe always accompanied Wu to LuiFei's quarters. On the palace premises itself, to the North-East of the Sky-Well, a two storied building was set away as LuiFei's exclusive residence.  This building was in the rear of the complex and gave her more privacy. Though this stone structure stood apart from the rest, it was in complete symmetry with the main buildings. Greater in breadth than in height with a close heavy platform and a large roof that floated over the base, LuiFei's home exuded

#6 LuiFei- The Eternal Temptress

Luifei, now beyond her prime was known as the eternal temptress in 'The Great Within'. She had really belonged to The Emperor Lao Di, father of the reigning Emperor. It was a custom in ancient China that when the Emperor died, some of his favourite concubines were buried alive alongwith him, in the belief that they would give him company in his afterlife too. When Emperor Lao Di had died of old age, his three favourite concubines were immediately prepared for the burial ceremony but LuiFei the 5th Favourite concubine had foreseen what would come her way. Some years ahead of time she had planned her escape from that early death. She shrewdly succeeded in luring Lao Zhung when the old Emperor was bed-ridden. She escaped the royal palaces under the pretext of accompanying Lao Zhung on his journeys through the provinces and thus evaded the customs. Lao Zhung had returned back victorious from years of war with the Mongols but the old Emperor was no more. Now as reigning Emperor L