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Was wracking my brains for an eye-ball grabbing, big bang opening to this new-born blog and ‘Mirëmëngjes’ has done the trick I’m sure. In Indo-European Albania, the new mum wakes her little one with that, meaning ‘good morning!’. This reminds me of the latest flick that has clicked at the Bollywood Box-Office, ‘Wake Up Sid’. The story obviously revolves around Happy-go-lucky Sid Mehra (Ranbir K) and his muskmelon life. The movie- maker takes a dig at the ‘NOW’ generation when Sid takes his father Ram Mehra’s(Kher) hard-earned money and stoic presence for granted and is engrossed in having a whirlwind life. Ranbir’s chocolate face is the plus point in making his character believable. Aisha Banerjee (Konkana) is a hard-working and aspiring writer who has quit her blissful ‘Bong’ life for Mumbai, in search of independence and recognition. Konkana shoulders the complex role with her trademark poise. Tastefully cast in the role, she has successfully made her character a role model. He

Machhbus & Maryam

Secularism.To many it may be a subject of discussion and intrigue but I was born and brought up in Mumbai, a cosmopolitan city. So for a fairly large part of my life I never realized that some people did live a life otherwise. Even while being groomed in a convent school,each girl was taught to love and embrace the different cultures, traditions and values each girl brought along with her religion. We'd all merged into one big family, genuinely! Our lunch break was all about girls flocking together in groups and sharing their lunch ' dabbas '. I can never deny that was the most favorite part of my day at school. I think those habits have just spilled over into the rest of my life. I don't think even after shifting away from Mumbai I have forgotten even one ounce of what the secular life there taught me. It's this multi-cultural background that made life so wonderful. With the current scenario that has enveloped Mumbai, I just hope that the cosmopolitan lifestyle c

To Heaven or Hell?

People scare you. People dare you. People who think, They know everything. The experienced, The seasoned, They know everything! She’s been there And done that. So she proclaims, The same stage I will be. Standing where she’d been, “You’ll see!” Scared the day lights out of me. How could she? Was that a blessing, Or a curse? What she foresaw was adverse! Is my life leading that way? The path she walked, That led her astray? I wouldn’t want to live that way! People know how things go? People see what lies ahead for me? What am I to believe? My heart that denies, I’ll face the same lies, That she breasted. Her life was wasted! What am I to believe? Her loss of faith, In a woman’s fate? People scare you. People dare you. People who think, They know everything. I say, stop preaching! Life has its own way of teaching. What was yours needn’t be mine, For each there’s a different destiny’s design. For good or for worse, Time will tell. My deeds