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The BrainFever Bird

...And neither did I know that theres anything named like this until I spotted this bird, lurking in the branches. What an amazing sight! Wish my lens was good enough but I watched it to my heart's content. And I am sure it's keen eyes were staring right back at me. These birds are always so alert that even if I make the slightest sound I soon find them looking at me, into my lens..:D The Brainfever bird , is a medium sized Common Hawk Cuckoo. I don't know whether it is just me or is there an uncanny resemblance with the Shikra  and the Asian Koel ? Maybe the similarity to these birds gives it the categoric name Hawk-Cuckoo. Learnt at WikiPedia that this bird is a brood parasite, laying its eggs in the Babbler's nests.. Another question occured in my mind, Why would they be known as the brain-fever birds? And I found the amswer at WikiPedia again.. During their breeding season in summer males produce loud, repetitive three note calls that are well-rendered a


Image W hen evening breeze blows O h! how romantic it is W istful, mellow, its tickling Have begun blogging again and heres my first Acrostic Haiku for the month of March, posted for Innovative Prompt C:  W OW and Breeze, Mellow, Tickle