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Save Mother Nature!

Everytime I take a look at this snap it feels like it's Mother Nature drowning. I can imagine her screaming "SAVE ME from the sea of inhuman people. I want to live!"  - Verna Lake, Mahabaleshwar Find more such interesting B/Ws at  The Weekend in Black and White

Camera Critters

The October heat is beating down and the days are getting warmer by the day... However this looks like the season for the butterflys to spread their wings. have been spotting a lot of Emperor Butterflys and little green ones, beautiful blue ones flitting about from one flower to the next... I just realised its extremely difficult ti get one decent shot of a restless butterfly! Here's one lucky shot...  This one is joining the rest of the CAMERA CRITTERS ..Check all the beauties out!

I for Inspiration

What gets you through the day is motivation What sees you through a lifetime is inspiration Pearls of wisdom coined to inspire An idol so perfect to admire Lessons well- imbibed saw him through He has left a treasure behind for you Take that example placed before you Make it a source of constant motivation Crest and trough to sail through Keep in sight your inspiration Every good to learn from and admire Some deeds and many words that inspire  A successful idea may also inspire And for life may stay with you A success story to admire Pointers to take for self-motivation Take it to heart for inspiration And from the stereotype break through Sea of Nay-Sayers you got to sail through And one day see that you inspire Others look up to you for inspiration One day that idol could be you That day give others liberal motivation Shine through for them to admire The mundane no one will admire The rules you got to break through Aim high with recharged motivation Do the new to inspire With e

I caught a fly alive!

The White-browed Fan Tail Fly Catcher.. I've been watching this restless little bird hopping from one branch to the next on the tree right outside my window, since the month of July. This  White-browed Fantail , Rhipidura aureola , is only about 18 cms. long and builds a rather tiny cup like nest. The name itself tells us that its an insectivorous and I've spotted it myself pecking at cobwebs. :D Its my aunt;s observation that this tiny little bird, surprisingly, can scare away crows very easily by attacking them with its tiny sharp beak, fearlessly.  I believe it must be the male protecting its fledglings or probably the eggs in its nest. Another beautiful characteristic is that this bird has peculiar way of fanning its tail out and doing a little semicircular jig on the branches. This is the most liveliest bird Ive spotted this season! Nanka  is an avid bird watcher and nature lover too. She calls this tiny passerine bird the tweety bird for its musical, high pitched

Through Thick & Thin

No one knew what I was up to. I was a naughty 3 year old out to make a new discovery. I lay there on my bed juggling seashells, not completely agreeable with Einstein’s Law of Gravity. I’d sent tiny seashells up hurtling above my head while I lay right beneath them, flat on my back, on my bed. I watched them rise and fly up ….high in the air. On their passage back, down towards the earth, one had a long dark tunnel to pass through. And that tunnel happened to be my left nostril. My father had come in search of me just then like a God-sent angel. With the sea-shell stuck somewhere between its way to my intelligent brain, I was gasping for breath. My Pa whisked me up into his arms and rushed to the docs’ that very instant. I remember he kept talking to me all the way asking me to stay calm and breathe only through my mouth. I soon had the Doc’s cold pincers travel down my nostril and the teensy weensy shell was out in no time! I was too little to know what could have happened if it wa

The Balloonwalah

One evening my one year old son and I stopped by at a restaurant for coffee and refreshments. Right besides our table was another family with a beautiful baby girl in the mother’s arms. Between our meal the father rose from his seat and fetched a colourful balloon for his daughter without realizing the effect it could have on my son. And how was he to blame? He was focused on making his daughter happy. At the sight of that beautiful big red balloon my son was very excited and began jumping towards it. The baby girl began to cry so I had to leave my coffee half way and leave our table to fetch a balloon for my son too. Unfortunately by the time I’d reached outside the restaurant the Ballonwalla had already left. And there was no other balloon seller in sight. I returned with my son a little disappointed and my son was mighty disheartened. And just as we returned to our table the little girl managed to poke a nail into the balloon and there was a big bang. Now there were two babies cry