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A memorable birthday!

I added one more year to my life on the 25th of December 2010 while my fellow bloggers added more life to my new year by showering some very beautiful gifts on me. Here they are... I am one of the voted winning bloggers at Jingle's The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 Award in Short Stories and for another not- so- easy- to- win The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 in Humor Award Very thankful to Jingle and all those who voted for me, for making this birthday a very special and memorable one! Also would love to share with you what my favourite and intelligent bloggers I know, Nanka & Rumya did to heighten the fun in my celebrations. They know just what my world presently rotates around and what can bring the biggest smile on my face! Thanks a ton ..XOXOXO Please pardon, I haven't provided a glossary to the baby language. I leave you to guessing! ;) Take care and have a rocking New Year 2011...:D

Welcome at Christmas

Image  Welcome at Christmas Stuffing stockings, jingling bells Santa and his elves WELCOME AT CHRISTMAS Santa and his elves Stuffing stockings, jingling bells Welcome at Christmas Christmas time of cheer Dear Santa goes ho-ho-ho Sleighing songs can you hear DEAR SANTA GOES HO-HO-HO Sleighing songs can you hear Dear Santa goes ho-ho-ho Christmas time of cheer  This has been written for ABC Wednesday Round 7 : W Carry On Christmas : Dear Santa and Spreading Smiles

Self conscious or self confident?

Image Appraising my self for dabbling in those risks Utter stupidity They see a lean  fool  As I wait for time to tell Patient and  still This has been written for Prompt #22: Self Three Word Wednesday : dabble, lean, utter Prompt # 147: Stillness

Around the world: Dubai

D ecessive asset to merchantilism U rban innovation and multiculturalism B ehold the fantastic development A wesome within decade span I nspiring   amazement Arabian land This has been written for Acrostic Only Prompt # 12

It was time...

“You think that was Uštāna ’s spirit in the black shroud, Dadi Jun?” Laila was thrilled at that thought but she couldn’t deny that she was a bit scared too. She felt safe in the warmth of the closed attic, in the knowing company of her caring grandma and the protective Mithra. “Why should you be scared of him? He is your ancestor my darling and can never mean you any harm”, assured Dorri Jun who was sensing the fright in Laila’s voice. “I am aware you are very little to be exposed to such powerful spirits but that is how your destiny seems to have been written. You seem to be a far greater soul than even I am, Laila and you must never misuse your powers”, reminded Dorri Jun once again. Simultaneously Laila had been drawing on a clean sheet of paper all the symbols that had mystically fallen before her eyes all through the day. First it had been the Star of David followed by the ‘X’ that had four rounded tips. She wasn’t sure that the Yin and Yang was a symbol to be considered in the

The strange appearance

To Laila it seemed to be the chilliest day ever. It was snowing beautifully outside and everything lay under a thick blanket of white. She reminisced how every winter holiday was spent romping in the snow with Khalil and the kids from the neighbourhood but not this year. This year Khalil and all the kids in their batch were preparing for the preliminary examinations that would begin as soon as school re-opened in Jan’.  Image by Ginsui-Rin Laila had finished the last few pending chapters from her Science syllabus. She put the books back on the shelves and rose. “A steaming hot mug of ghaveh would be just wonderful!” she thought. Her mother and Dorri Jun were out visiting her uncle and his family. With the whole house to herself she suddenly felt a whole lot more independent. She was relishing the freedom, sipping on the dark brew standing in the kitchen window when she noticed a tall and lanky figure in the distance. Though the snow was almost knee-high outside the figure seemed

The Signs from the Sigil...

The final academic school year had finally come to a close and Laila was awaiting the examination results. “Is there anything sweeter than waking up to this feeling? Holidays, Hip hip hurray!” Laila rejoiced as she drew the curtains off the window. It was a bright and sunny morning outside and she wasn’t the girl to waste this beautiful freedom in bed. “What must lazy Khalil be doing?” she wondered. And that suddenly brought another face to her mind, the beautiful Erum. She leaned outside, a tad bit further from her windowsill to see if she could get a glimpse of Erum, standing on her terrace. And yes, there she was! All of Erum’s movements looked like a dance posture to Laila. Just then Erum happened to look her way too and began waving at Laila, gesturing her to come over. “Perfect! There couldn’t have been a more beautiful beginning to the wonderful holidays.” Thought Laila and showed no reluctance in accepting the invitation. Laila wished she could use some magic to get ready in a

Verity: Chasing Dreams

Verity of the Indian Farmer’s life.... Image: Link C hallenged by poverty, struggling H olding onto hope, dreaming A nonymous face, ignited mind S imple soul, destiny's child I n search of success N ot shaken by failure G reat faith in Providence   D reams of comfortable life R ests not, continuous strife E ver to rise above A ll adversities and grow M ay he never contemplate S uicide; dreams must realise Very noble is that hand That gives dreams a turf to land This has been written for the Acrostic Only Prompt # 10 & The ABC Wednesday Round 7

Raise The Roof

Image Courtesy: Link R etro, Hip-hop and Trance A ll hit the floor I nto the night dance S uper DJ, music soars E ndless screaming, throats sore T ake decibels more higher H ot stepping, cool grooving E very heart on fire R eins broken, foot loose O ut for good reason O nset of party season F eisty merrymaking that enthuse  Image Courtesy: Link  This has been written for Acrostic Only Prompt #5

Materialistic Life

Truthful voice suppressed Materialistic life Not waving, drowning This has been written for Carry On Tuesday # 83 and for Prompt # 21: Life


N othing more to do, Tom was wondering how he could while away his time now. He was feeling exceptionally dull this evening. He'd finished collecting milk from the cows and truffle from the pig sty very quickly. Not many hen had laid eggs today, so he'd finished that soon too.  All the regular rigmarole was over. Co-op farming was beginning to get a bit of a boring chore for him over the last few days. He wanted some change. O ld friends hadn't stopped by in a long while. He wondered why? He'd sent them many gifts to lure them to his farm but no help came. Something was fishy! V anity kept him from doing for them what he expected them to do for him. E ventually a thought occurred to him. Had they all gone away for good? He hadn't checked in on them for a long while now. Should he have called them instead of just wondering why there was no activity at all at their farms? "...but Roger was celebrating that he'd be expanding his farm soon and he was pla


M r. Copycat flipped pages of the book A nd in a jiffy, said after taking a look T hese standards are pretty simple to match C an pick poetry up like the mice I catch H ave to just go sit by the brook This has been written for the Acrostic Only Prompt # 8 and for some more : Flipping

Short Fuse

Image S marting words spewed H urt sentiments and feelings O minous bad blood brewed R ude and brash dealing T emper spares no beloved F ights begin, fly sparks U ncontrollable anger unleashed around S topping impossible tantrum dark E mbers slowly cool, found This has been written for the Acrostic Only Prompt # 4

A special bond

After that evening, Erum had become extremely busy. Dorri Jun and Laila dint get to see much of her but she would often send small and big gifts when she was back from an International trip or at  Eid . Either Erum's younger brother Khalil or Rashid himself would drop by for Ksheer Korma and would leave behind Erum's packet for Laila. "Why isn't there anything for me?" Dorri Jun poked fun at Rashid.  " ..Because dear Dorri Jun you are too great for lesser mortals like us to give you anything in return for your kindness. We can only pray for you. Sahha Bahsheh! Sukran Dorri Jun" Rashid always felt indebted to Dorri Jun for all that she'd done for their family, ever since he was a little kid. He could never take her retorts in any other sense.  "Yahdeekom Allah wa yousleh balakom!"  Dorri Jun called out to Rashid wishing him luck as they bade him goodbye. The evening that Laila had gifted Erum the silken veil became such a turning point in E


Image courtesy Bodhicitta N earer to God reach I nfinite strength in meditation H igher realm of existence I nner peace and contentment L osing attachment to materials I nward turns one's journey T ranquil soul in nothingness Y earning way to Moksha This has been writtten for Acrostic Only Prompt # 3

U for Untethered

Untethered Floated away Unguided, unrestricted, free Asking for trouble, Silly ME This has been written for the ABC Wednesday Round 7 &  Sunday Scribblings # 244: Guidance

Dream, Vision, Reverie!

A wide-eyed dream, Is more like a vision, A soothing reverie, A fanciful musing, Of the future imagining, A picture now I can see. Can you see what I see? The future that I dream, World of my imagining, A heartening vision, A wishful musing, Let me stay in this reverie. A vague idea formed in reverie, It’s fruition I wish to see. Not a baseless musing, Not a worthless dream, It’s a positive vision, A united world in my imagining. Peaceful and free existence in my imagining, No conflicts over borders, in my reverie. I meditate on this vision, Hoping you too shall see, Share my wide-eyed dream, And join in this musing. Once it is everyone’s musing, Reconciliation I’m imagining, Then it’ll be time for this dream, To realize; rising from reverie, All will wake and see, Work to enliven this wonderful vision. Takes conviction for a vision, To not remain just a musing. End of terorrism and violence I see, Infinite love, peace and security I’m imagining,