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Freedom: The Outburst of Emotions!

The Independence Day of 2015 gave me more than one reason to celebrate! On 15th August 2015 after a good gap of 24 months my work was published once again. This time my story was picked up for an E-mag named UNBOUND- compiled and edited by Neil D'Silva (author of Maya's New Husband fame) and Varun Vithaldas Prabhu (serial Authorpreneur). Happy to also share that the logo/symbol design of UNBOUND was designed by me. :D  Here's the  Smashwords link for the first issue of  the UnBound E-Magazine where you can read numerous other fantastic short stories and poetry written on the theme- FREEDOM. FREE DOWNLOAD  ****************************************************************************** Rati arched her left eyebrow and brought both her palms up, gracefully bending her slender fingers, demonstrating the Sanjukta Hasta Mudra that was being taught. The light tapping on the tabla travelled to their ears fr

Made In India by BIDDU- Book Review

Book Title: Made In India BIDDU (Adventures of a Lifetime) Autobiography Publisher: Read Out Loud    My Rating: ***** About the Author: An Indian by birth, BIDDU is a globally renowned Pop singer who shot to fame with the stupendous success of 'KungFu Fighting'. Which was followed by the cult classic 'Aap Jaisa Koi' for the Hindi film 'Qurbani'. And the rest is history!  "Have you heard of BIDDU?" someone asked, and my reaction was, "What kind of question is THAT?" I was genuinely bewildered because born in the 80's I grew up listening, crooning and dancing like crazy to Biddu's Pop hits. I am a genuine fan and I cannot imagine any music lover of my age, not remembering BIDDU! So when I came across his autobiography, my interest was immediately peaked.  For a man of such immense talent and an artiste who's  sold over thirty-eight million records worldwide, his autobiography shows how humble h

Pune International Literary Festival #PILF2015

Yesterday the 4th of September was the first day of #PILF2015  and it was my debut visit and experience of a Literary festival.  I wish to document some learning that I came away with, after listening to some imminent and widely read authors who spoke at the podium.    Today, the 5th of September is celebrated as Teacher's Day and I hope this post will be an apt ode to authors who I believe, are teachers in their own right. After the Inauguration of the festival at the hands of Hon. Mr. Shatrughan Sinha, Om Books presented his biography 'Yours Truly, Shatrughan Sinha'. It was a rather interesting t ête-à-tête between renowned film journalist Bharathi Pradhan and the illustrious actor. Shri Shatrughan Sinha made a candid recount of how people from different cultural backgrounds in India coined their own funny version of his name calling him everything from Shatrudhan Sinha to Shotrughno Sinha et al. It was a laugh-out-loud time alright! I'd expected a very se